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  1. Fast and good match 👍👍

  2. are you on ps3 or ps4 ?

  3. I appreciate your continual propaganda for this incredible game…

  4. Use the f2000 or some other guns👍

  5. Play other game modes

  6. levl easy hahahahaha

  7. would be cool seeing you play with a scar h

  8. Hey dude do you play with AA off?

  9. I'm confused which is the better battlefield 4 or black ops 2 and what I have to buy ? Please anyone help 😐 !

  10. Nice Video Brother 👍 👍 MTAR is Bad Ass with and without suppressor…Here comes the BOOM 💀💀💀 All you got to say is How you like me now.

  11. sa te suit de France bro continue bon boulot 👌

  12. je t'ai rencontré en game hier d'abord contre moi ou tu mas bien niker et ensuite avec toi j'étais 3eme et toi 1er bien sur…😏 ce fut un plaisir

  13. Play with another gun

  14. Adicione no PlayStation 3 LorenzoThiago

  15. mouse and keyboard looks fun

  16. The best ever never game

  17. Old and 2014 so sad

  18. this game is (G)old

  19. Show 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  20. 🌴Nice vidoe🌴👍👍

  21. Bf4 is a best fps in modern war.

  22. Nice video man !!

  23. Good 💀kill🤡

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