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Somebody named Tesco leaked the Call of Duty Ghosts official box art and a Target ad that referred to Call Of Duty Ghosts was also leaked. All Infinity Ward has to do now is come out and own it and show off some gameplay footage PREFERABLY online gameplay. Why is it called Call Of Duty Ghosts? I don’t know what do you think? Overall I want to see some Call Of Duty Ghosts online multiplayer gameplay footage as soon as possible. …

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  1. Battlefield is for men!! Cod is for little kids like the guy under me…..Juan rios

  2. Cod sucks!!!! Battlefield sis

  3. dude zombies in BF4 would be crazy fun, way better than bo2. I still think that Dice will put dinosaurs in the game because they have been teasing us for so long.

  4. I still would like to see zombies in battlefield 4.

    I'm not very excited for any COD made by infinity ward.

    I love Treyarch on the other hand… I own all their CODs

  5. until they make the freakin guns sound like real guns i wont b buyin it. also they need 2 update the graphics, its just terrible. bfbc2 has damn better visuals than mw3 & look at what time bfbc2 came out. luguna presa 4 example!

  6. like from me dude

  7. I have a very small bit of hope that they will do something, but I honestly dont see it happening.

  8. Hahaha digitaltiger read my mind lol they are definitely gonna exploit the future theater of war

  9. call of duty ghost recon future soldier

    cloaked campers all day lol

  10. I have no plans on Buying the next CoD game at all. I don't see the series is going to do anything about the lag issue or things that just irritates the players.

  11. All the rumors that I've heard has it being named Ghosts, which is confusing as hell.

  12. Is that the actual title of the next COD? If so I'm not purchasing it there starting to run out of ideas of what guns to use and perks and of the course the KILLSTREAKS I thought it was going to be called COD MW4 did they change the title? anyways yea I have no plans on getting the next game there starting to make this more into a series but like a collection of COD games

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