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  1. Myth : On Classified will the glitch where you used to use Anywhere But Here (the one they patched with 1.17) work with Nowhere But There instead if your downed friend is inside the doorway, next to it, or in the same hallway as the one you're walking into during the glitch?

    (I say those positions specifically because what caused the old glitch was the Anywhere But Here was conflicted with itself during the event of the room name changing while simultaneously trying to take you somewhere else, tricking itself into thinking it did itself job while in fact it broke itself at the same time making the player incomprehemsible to most aspects of actual gameplay but most importantly the zombies. The exploit was an easy one to explain when I first saw it and surprisingly hard for them to patch. If only I would've found it first xD)

  2. ??????????????☢☣☣☣☣☣☣☢☢☢☢☢☢

  3. Its like if a Kino remake was gonna happen, it would start off with one of the crew members asking where they're going, and Richtofen says "Back to our humble beginnings…" and they teleport to Kino, and everyone watching or about to play the map gets goosebumps, and a soft piano version of "115" starts playing for a few seconds, and then the OG round start sound plays.

  4. Hi codenamepizza you are one of my favorite Youtubers of all time I watched you ever since Black Ops 2

  5. Less than 24H since this video was uploaded, over 18K views and 1.4K likes. Zombies is dead indeed (*sarcasm in voice).

  6. Do it on Ww2 Zombies pls all easter egs

  7. What is the song name at 2:31:05

  8. i got the 1.4 like

  9. Boy, come to Emmen when you’re in the Netherlands. Would love to meet you after my second final!

  10. how did u get mods pizza?

  11. ascencion easter egg can be make solo?

  12. Why is it skipped

  13. Code name pizza is getting bored of the black ops 4 zombies I would it’s dead so far


    After you set the controls in the boat and you hear the fog horn, you have to press the 4 horns in order to activate the green light.

    So you can play without looking at the screen, run, train and shoot with only 1 hand while talking to the camera, and you miss steps out…….the only step you miss out doing this solo is the vodka step.

  15. You should play these maps normally. No mods, no changes. Most people can't get or use these mods, plus it would be easier for people to follow and prove you can play without mods…….and you can't pause the game to check a tutorial.

    Come on Pizza, play the maps as they were supposed to be played….or aren't you good enough? I ?

  16. Mad Stream pizza looking forward to future streams keep it up #???

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