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  1. If you want to play Classic Minecraft for free in your browser for the 10th Anniversary go here:

  2. Just found your channel, love the vids. Keep up the good work

  3. "In your internet BROWSER" tingles for days

  4. Watch deez vids everyday & night

  5. Is it sad that I want a second advanced warfare?

  6. Hey u still wanna play some fortnite arena duos or normal duos if u are up for it add my epic oclion_leo keep up the grind bro good look

  7. oh great time to watch aerith's death in 4k remastered in ps4 pro and of course im here for tifa in ff7

  8. Wow i just realized that ASMR GAMING NEWS accepted my application in fortnite

  9. Good video my bro

  10. Bro another tekken 7 video pls sometimes…

  11. Video ideas: q&a with gum chewing and patch notes with gum chewing

  12. I rly want cod bo2 remasterd

  13. looking forward to a Minecraft vid if u choose to do one

  14. AGN. If you don’t hurry up and make a Minecraft video. Bro you need to make one. You have played Fortnite and the GOTY Roblox. We need a video of Minecraft.

  15. Is it me or in every asmr video he sounds like a kid but in some not asmr videos he sounds more grown up????

  16. I got a big swim meet tommorow and i always listen and sleep to this before the meets love you asmr gaming. Wish me luck ;))

  17. I absolutely love my Nintendo Switch!

  18. early letzz goo gr8 vid

  19. Hi agn think ur the best youtuber in the world

  20. This popped up in my feed during lunch

  21. ILYSM ASMRGamingNews!
    For Fortnite players:
    *Use Code ASMRGaming In The Item Shop For Good Luck !*

  22. Plz make a season 9 gameplay video

  23. These are the vids i realy like were you talk about games there cool its like school where you learn about games but its not lmao lol you should talk about this more <3 <3

  24. Have you seen hytale

  25. Wow I’m this early!? Lucky meee!

  26. Your vids are the best

  27. Play paladins pls is the best

  28. Notification squad

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