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Battlefield 1 VS Infinite Warfare…WHO WON!?
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Recently both the Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailers were officially revealed, and I wanted to take the time to break them down and compare and contrast the two games.

Battlefield 1 is set in the WW1 era with trench warfare, dogfights, and a HUGE…

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  1. Battlefield fans be like HURBDERB GRAHPICS
    Call of duty fans be like HERBDERB CONGTENT

  2. Battlefield 1 by a long shot.

  3. Looking back on this in 2018 im amazed that ifinite warfare outsold battlefield 1

  4. i like battlefield 1

  5. People make it seem like we've had advanced movement since 2010. The only real reason I didn't play IW is because it was BO3 in space. It was also an unfinished BO3 in space.

  6. WHO WON!? is this a joke? r.i.p. exo (everything)

  7. can you please blink

  8. Now that’s a supply drop

  9. New and improved call of duty advanced ghost robot exo-dog-human hybrid with lightsabers and superheros

  10. Really hated that ending.

  11. Bf1 trailer makes great it's earrape music and seizure effects, that aren't even in the actual game.

  12. I waited until Call of Duty World War 2 came out so I would have given it every single chance possible to see if I would ever have a couple epic moments or have a really good time a few matches nope I was wrong so very wrong wish I could go back in time and un buy it

  13. look right near the stacks of hats ontheleft theres a ps4cod bo3

  14. Battlefield 1 of course.

  15. Battlefield one all the way

  16. Im gonna buh Infinte Warfare in 2018. I like boots ON The ground but it just looks so cool and its NOT because im 12 years old. I just Think it looks fun, Dumb, And coll

  17. Did u know that there is a futuristic battlefield game?

  18. Battlefield 1 is in my opinion and in many others is better than Infinite Warefare

  19. 3 reasons saply darps,exo suits, and space

  20. Guys,the best fps is malhone one.

  21. Perfect cod – 15 maps , most small , 35+ weapons , no supply drops , no pay to win , 5 mp maps in each dlc and 1 zombie map , and Splooge grenades

  22. I disliked it to show that we all (most) want a boots on the ground and no future

  23. 0:16 Gets me every time. I need that sound effect

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