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I stutter a lot when im really upset lol, but its the only way i can try to help you guys who like me payed full price for this fucked up piece of shit . The lag and crashing got really bad after the patch update on the last days of January .

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  1. wow are you fucking mad

  2. I have the new update I can't find the network performance

  3. I don't have that option the network smoothing

  4. They already took out this option with the last stupid patch,and I'm still having a lot of connection and lagging problems,I call to EA to get "help",but they won't do shit,they trying to make me know that their stupid game is perfect after 30 fucking patches and the problem is my internet,fuck no,I have a very fast Internet connection,it's curious that I only have problems with the Battleshit games,with the other games I don't have any problems,with all those connection and lagging issues this fucking game is unplayable online

  5. ahhhh looks so good but the option is not longer there… i need to know how to fix the stupid problem, i see people i start to shoot them and they turn around and kill me with 10 bullets ahhhhh i cant take it anymore.. please guys help.. i even get cover before i get shot and some how i still get shot and KILL after getting cover and get no damage ahhhh please help

  6. Out of date video, this menu option was removed by DICE and the netcode was patched, too many people were abusing it to gain the upper hand during games, so the option was removed from the game, sorry.

  7. That last part made me say ha

  8. I cant find this option can you help

  9. You, sir, have a potty mouth

  10. Fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking

  11. NIntendo 64 he still have that. lol

  12. Thanks man! Funny video too xD

  13. Thank you soooo much i love you no more laggs Thanks

  14. I bought it on the Christmas sale when psn came back online I got the premium version since it was half off and came with all the dlc but damn is it laggy or what… I play 2 feet if that from my router and when I try to run it's like my dude is walking through water he's slow it'll move me backwards when I move forwards I'll be standing still aiming down the sights and it'll jump for no reason it's fucking ridicul

  15. Bro, I bought Battlefield 4 for my ps4 the other day and in the game it says the game is installing, "campaign 100%" and "full game" is stalled at 65%. The only reason I bought bf4 is for online and I cant even play that shit right now.. Is this because of the EA servers?

  16. your fcking tutorial helped me . thx dude

  17. Fuck EA really i pay 35 euros for this shit and 50 for premium and It is the most lagging game ever, its not even my fucking internet its just fucking bf4 shittyness

  18. lol awsome dude thanks

  19. I'm done best tutorial

  20. Play your super nintendo

  21. Dude cut the swearing kid

  22. Alright july 4th 2014 and still having the problem, lets hope this shit works

  23. Thanks for fucking helping!

  24. Thanks! That did the trick…even though the lag is not completely gone for me, it's dramatically decreased for about 98%!!! And finally, I can enjoy my playing! Thanks again! However, I believe that they should build much more stable servers. They had them before…what happened?

  25. i tho i was the only one going thru this shit. 

  26. You've been a big "fuckin" help!

  27. Yeah. Play super nintendo… There I dont have to pay for everything 😀

  28. I wish all my school teachers had been this clear and explosively honest about everything.

  29. "And if that doesn't work play your fucking super Nintendo or something!" 😛 LOOL

  30. I dont have a fucken nintendo, fucken EA servers fucking shit up, fuck sakes. Fuck

  31. Best instructional video.

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