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Knifing in BF4 is pretty broken but fun if you have teammates to defend you 😀

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  1. Got it’s so gay! Knife only on battlefield 3 is waaaaaay more realistic, more screams n shit

  2. My friends ask me
    "Isnt it hard to try and kill someone with a knife when they have a gun."
    And i reply.
    "Its worse if EVERYONE has a knife."

  3. Why isn’t anybody using guns

  4. Our server does this every sunday lol ps3 platform though sorry guys –

  5. Any 2142 OG knifes here? BayBoyz member right here.

  6. Dog tag farming

  7. I saw a guy running behind me …. I took out my defibs and charged it to 100. He knifed me and he died

  8. it's so quiet

  9. 5:35
    What was the chance of him escaping the situation?

  10. what is the name of the server?

  11. If anyone plays on PS4 theres always knife servers with admins on so no shooters

  12. i want this to happend in bf1!!!

  13. Where is that lobby i love knife animations

  14. 5:32 guy get ganged up on ??

  15. Is there a way to join this server on Xbox one

  16. I don't know how they would do it but a medieval battlefield would be pretty cool

  17. what a knife only noob

  18. homo if we are skrubs than play with us ?

  19. i cant find a knife only server enymore :,(

  20. how do you find a sever like this

  21. суккаааааааааа тут англичане

  22. I want to do this so bad??

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