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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth 4K MAX Gameplay PC.

System Specs:

Intel 4960X
AMD Radeon R9 295X2
Corsair Vengeance 16 GB
Windows 8.1
ASUS PQ321Q Monitor


Haywyre – Doppelganger

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  1. The gap between this and PS4 doesnt look that huge to me.

  2. If only I had a 4k monitor to see this in 4K cry lol

  3. na  4k eat to much performance ^^

  4. How much vram is used?

  5. I digital the best computer in the world

  6. I'm watching in 1440p just fine, then halfway through the video it automatically downscales itself to 720p and wont run 1440p anymore. I'm concerned 🙁

  7. What kind of pc "from digitalstorm" should I get? Im looking to play games from Dayz to minecraft. Any suggestions?

  8. This video looks like 720p on my 720p display. Try putting some resolution and frame rate on screen next time.

  9. Need help with a pc build. Want a build that can run 1440p and 1600p medium to high setting with decent to high frame rate, was thinking a AMD r9 295×2 video card with i7 -4930k cpu.

  10. Ran across an ad of you guys and I'm actually in the market for a gaming pc on a medium budget. And the first video I click you have haywyre you just might have a new customer 😉

  11. 4k huh.. I can't tell because who's got a 4k screen right? XD

  12. If only this game was good

  13. 4k looks so awesome!!!!!!!! its so clear. I had to watch it again

  14. make a new video? u using mantle??

  15. is there a big improvement if you put in a second 295×2? or not so much?

  16. There are like no jaggies :0

  17. I dont know why but the overall light effects are worse than in normal battlefield maps…Or its just me?

  18. this music killing me…Damn

  19. youtube compression sucks 

  20. Do you want to trade?

    Ill give you a cookie for this pc.

  21. you should be able to pull higher settings than that at 1080p, i get high settings at 60fps on a 650ti boost

  22. Great stuff, you could see you weren't trying to play the game haha. Great 4K gameplay! 😀

  23. Nice fps  sees the setup NOP!!! 2000$  rig +, 700$+ monitor. Maybe in 5 years I'll be able to have this for  1000$. Than I might consider it

  24. I Get those FPS with single 780 Ti just without MSAA

  25. Nice video and by the way nice job at responding to the comments. I have noticed you guys are one of the few who still do that. Keep up the great work.

  26. How much does a 4K monitor cost?

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