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Battlefield 4 compilation with your most crazy plays, random and funny moments, epic fails and some silly glitches! Only in Battlefield – BF4 style. Send your own Battlefield 4 moments here:

(Todd Meredith)
(SladeN /…

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  1. I love to make these compilations – so many epic moments! Thanks for all the awesome clips! 😉 BF4 will return soon, but first we catch up with Apex and Battlefield V next week, followed by a rather crazy compilation of the classic Rainbow Six Siege!
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  2. Great compilation, thanks for the feature!

  3. Thanks for the intro video 🤘👍🤜🤛!!!

  4. Sheriff Hotdog at it again

  5. Let's see what we got here 😀

    5. Pander mod
    4.TheCenrover out of nowhere jetkill
    3.coolebannane nelson
    2.sheriffhotdog sraw kill
    1. (this time 2 since i cant decide)
    1/2 Cortermt awesome knive spree
    2/2 Thecenrover long range tank shot

    Remember its just my opinion, seeing forward to more 🙂

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