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Quick “how to” and boring gameplay footage of me getting a bit of a killstreak with the M142. Please “like” if you enjoyed and subscribe for more BF4 and other gaming videos. Cheers!

Music: Blue Danube by Strauss

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  1. How do you unlock that?

  2. How did you switch from driver to the shooter thing at the beginning?

  3. how do you switch from driver to shooter plzzz answer

  4. Can't a team-mate drive it while you operate it?

  5. +1 for the music choice

  6. How do you change the position in the vehicle because you're leaving th  vehicle then coming back an  you immediately in the second seat. When i do it i am in the drivers seat and cant shoot

  7. Entertaining video! One question, is this vehicle easy obtainable? What are the upgrades when you use it?

  8. you deserve millions more suscribers than you have. Well done

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