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Tutorial on speed control in 3rd person, i made a smaller tutorial during
my stream but found it useful to upload a video about it, hope you find
this useful and i also hope you get own some more pilots with this
trick. comment below if you got any questions and ill see you in the next video
im tjunfisk and have a nice day!


Battlefield 4 tutorial
bf4 tutorial
how to fly a jet
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  1. Thanks for the video. I like flying in 3rd person, I'll try to use your technique. Does this still work well post patch? I feel like unless the jets are flying really fast they are stuck in molasses during turns. 🙁

  2. How do you go 3rd person in any vehicle in bf4?

  3. when I should tap the break?! I mean the timing of taping the break??

  4. +irontjunfisk I have a question regarding top turn speeds. In BF3 I always used to, during looping, switch between top speed and minimal speed. This almost alway put me on top. I was wondering, is that still viable in BF4. Did DICE change this or was it never the fastest turn speed? Because you and everyone else keeps saying that 308 is the best speed for turning. Thank you for your time.

  5. What a great trick! Thank you!

  6. Nice video! 5* thumbs up 🙂

  7. it's beyond me why they make the speed display impossible to see on attack jets. DICE stupid

  8. Well, it's a very nice tutorial. Too bad you didn't show your resolution and field of view for the vehicles, since this is a very important factor in a perspective like this. i guess it's "standard" then. But hey, what was that standard again? huh… 

  9. great video, dude, but how could u change the color HUD in jets like that?

  10. Fantastic tips, Thanks!

  11. Nice and Simple ! Thanks

  12. Thanks for the tips on the video helpful (new subscriber)

  13. Can you bind pitch up and down with mouse4 and mouse5 instead of using up & down? I want to aim with the mouse.

  14. Stupid but serious question, how do you even get to view the jet in 3rd person? Ive been playing for a while now but i never got which button to press.

  15. sense in game and dpi  ? please

  16. What you call a 'diagonal turn' is more commonly known as an "Immelmann".

    Great tutes, btw – thanks. 😉

  17. Iron i watched your old BF3 video called Full Basic Jet Tutorial – Episode #1, it showed the mouse and keyboard view which helped a lot of us. Could you make one for bf4? I'm sure a lot of us want to know if you're still using the same controls or have changed.

  18. makes no sense at all

  19. These tutorials have gotta be the best on jet piloting that I have seen. I appreciate it!

  20. Did they change anything cause I can't get my A10 to have its tail wing lined up EXACLY equal to the order line you showed in the video. It's pissing me off to death!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 3rd person speed control sthealt jet, you can make it a tutorial?

  22. I can't turn that deep on ps4 so that it aligns with the options

  23. If I play with an FOV of 90, does it influece the tricks?

  24. Very good tutorial, please do a 3rd person tutorial for the stealth jets.

  25. Did he stop making videos. He used to be my #1 jet pilot and i learned alot of things from him. Its unfortunate since my favorite vehicles in bf are jets 🙁

  26. Cc si cech ja se jmenuju adam

  27. What are your display settings? When I try the tail doesn't go past the options at the bottom.

  28. You are a very good teacher. Thank you.

  29. Nice to get tips from one of the best in the world!

  30. You should make the same vid with same indications on "what to align with options" but with the stealth jets 😀 . Great vid by the way it really helps improving my piloting skills ! Bye

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