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I can’t wait for the Battlefield 4 multiplayer reveal and the Battlefield 4 Beta! OMG
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  1. on a Xbox 360 a mazing

  2. Ps3 xbox 360 sucks even new ps4 xboxone but the pc the best

  3. Hi jahova! I really want bf3 premium edition on ps3 😮 lowe your channel

  4. Jahovaswitniss choose me 😀

  5. Great vid Jahova

  6. I enjoyed the beta. But guess what games too costly

  7. best explosion i've ever seen in a game.

  8. i don't have a consol 🙁

  9. BF3 for ps3 please, been waiting a while for it 🙁 (#1 fan 🙂

  10. Can I get battlefield 3 for my xbox

  11. Please can I get bf3 for Xbox for my son

  12. BattleField 4 Looks 100% better then CoD Ghost

  13. Bf 's is fun and I have xbox

  14. U got a free go pro LUKY !!!!!!!!

  15. Ill take itfor xox plzzzzzi luv u

  16. it looks shit on xbox 360

  17. I have a xbox360 i would like to win bf3

  18. I have an Xbox 😉

  19. Xbox battle field 3

  20. N I like ur videos

  21. I love this game I play it a lot for Xbox 360 n I want it.

  22. I like game like that

  23. I love battlefleld I want it for Xbox box 360

  24. PS3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. XBOX MAN PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. LOL guys c'mon read when the video was posted, the copies are obv given away

  27. Ps3 copy for this Indian dude 🙂

  28. hey jahovvaa id like the ps3 one please im a 11 year old hard core gamer and battle filed is my 3rd favorite game after gta and call of duty my name is Ethan and you can contact me at

  29. I want the ps3 one! Jahovvaa!

  30. Yer a good youtuber i love u

  31. each time I try to watch battlefield 4 I get some COD trailer no one fucking cares

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