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The start of the single player campaign from the PC version of Battlefield 4. Note that my aim constantly jumping around when under fire is part of the game’s new suppression effect.

The 64-bit version of the game is running at 1920×1200 with Ultra settings, with the exception of MSAA at 2x, Motion Blur Off and Post-process AA set to Medium to reduce blurring. Framerates average around 40-50 FPS on a stock GTX 580 / i7 920 system. However my FPS briefly falls into the teens during the…

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  1. I remember watching this video like week before christmas 2k13. And i got it on christmas it was my first real game and i play it to this day.

  2. Lol slow ass aiming but nice graphics

  3. You're using a controller? No wonder you almost keep dying, you suck. Try it next time with an MnK instead.

  4. this game have password and name to login or its a free online game?

  5. Damn – some serious game action here! Wild being caught in a building falling down around you. Can't wait to play this!

  6. it seems laggy I mean fps

  7. please share downloading link

  8. love the intro. gotta love air supply.

  9. fuck the intro song omg

  10. como le pudo mandar la señal de atacar al elicoptero…?????

  11. is intel core i3 and nvidia geoforce 920m 2gb and ram 4gb is good to play bf4 on ultra settings

  12. why the hell did he chose a gun with only 20(+1) rounds….?

  13. is the first part with the music copyrighted?

  14. youtube just ruins the quality 🙁
    but when i get this on my gaming pc, ohhhhh yeah

  15. İts a Bf 3 man , why u tell bf4

  16. sexy black lines you got there

  17. Does that guy seriously have FIVE fucking US-flags on his uniform? Holy fuck, murica you're so bigheaded…
    That makes you a good target, you know. 😉

  18. U play like my grandma

  19. U play like shit, bad gamer ! 

  20. I see. So that's what Koroush was talking about in his description. Thanks for clarifying.

  21. As a part of the game's new suppression effect, the aim constantly jumps around.

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