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My Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay with live commentary. Enjoy!
● Insane PS4 BF4 Gameplay :
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● Battlefield 4 Road to Colonel playlist:

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  1. Found, clicked, watched, liked and subbed! Good stuff Nacho.

  2. damn this game looks so good

  3. PDW with a laser sight and u don't hip fire in close quarter…..

  4. Please when you unlock a battlepack open it because I ilke it!

  5. nothing change bro

  6. :O u didnt have a number in the top left!

  7. 6:02 is what I do when I panic… 🙁 

  8. This gun is a beast

  9. 7:20 "what the fuck" lmfaoo

  10. Hey cheeesy,use the SRAW and Slam mines,wanna see u wup some ass….great going

  11. Can someone please tell me what map this is 

  12. Nothing to drop

    Except for a giant
    fucking bazooka… ;D

  13. Do a face cam video

  14. I have Xbox 360,but like watch your Battlefield 4 Ps4 gameplays.Please added longest movies (more than hour will be nice).
    Regards for you from Poland!!!

  15. Do people still play siege of Shanghai and does b4 still crash cause I wanna get it when I get my ps4

  16. Dude ur freakin awsome

  17. King of battlefield !!!!!

  18. can you play hardcore mode please 😀

  19. With this gun i always get the feeling it isn't doing anything because it has no recoil

  20. You are so cool dude ! I saw all your Videos and I love it 🙂 You're really the best player in the world. I like you 🙂

  21. U probably would have been colonel if u used xp boost

  22. What sensitivity do you play on?

  23. Great video !!!!

  24. Do something with a sniper please 🙂

  25. Sorry for the lack of videos these past few days. I'll have another RTC episode up later today 🙂

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