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My Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay with live commentary. Enjoy!
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  1. Dude your assault running medic bags. Throw your damn bag down and revive people you ran past several people and just let them die

  2. On PS3 i'm at level 134 and at PS4 I'm at level 0 can I transfer my PS3 status to my PS4 status?

  3. Hey Nacho(: I just wanted to let you know you're like the best Youtuber out there and you inspired me to start my channel and do what I love which is gaming(: i changed my name cuz of u lol and I really really hope we can play some Battlefield together(:

  4. add me on ps4 and I play battle field alot.WeeRyan14

  5. After seeing this gameplay, I'm glad I play PC
    Better Graphics and 1080p Ultra XD

  6. that was hilarious he walked straight past an enemy 🙂

  7. hi, just watched your video… amazed by your skills… may i know the sensitivity that you used?

  8. sub to me I love yur videos so so much so p@ease sub to me!!!!!

  9. why does he have a suppressor on his secondary but not on his primary

  10. How is your map this big?

  11. Semes so fun can't wait to play tomorrow

  12. skipping the death makes it like I'm not playing with u and seems less real??

  13. Lolololololololololololol…………… XD

  14. WHy is Battlefield 4 now laggy? When battlefield 4 came out i had no Problems with the frame now i bought bf 4 again because i sold it its feel like its 25-30fps

  15. actually bro i didn't like the idea of cutting the face cam cause i like to see your reactions to events it makes it more fun not as if a talking machine is playing the game and the intermissions are helping me to study your choices in spawning to learn something or two from you…i think the overall idea is like watching a censored movie and i dont like censored movies

  16. Battlefield 4 or Hardline? If I was to go buy 1 soon

  17. better without facecam.cause you are more your self.

  18. Nacho I feel like this way is a lot more difficult for you because you have to stop talking between the intermissions in order for it to make sense when you cut it out, I was here before the facecam so it doesn't bother me but I love both ways. And I always Crack up when you run past enemy players 😂 love the vids Nacho keep being awesome

  19. I reckon leave the intermissions in, but leave the facecam out. Like the old days

  20. Yeah, I know other BF4 channels don't use facecam and edit out the intermission I've always found a bit meh. I mean it's part of the game and the facecam makes it more personal. We are playing the game with you, in spirit haha 😛 this video was a bit detached because your videos are more than just you playing the game, you actually talk to the viewers almost – you're sharing the journey with us not just giving us some dope game play. I think your bond with viewers is better the old way but that's up to you. Like if you lose the face came and stuff I think people will get used to it eventually but I know that adding the facecam made the videos better ( at least for me) – just remember to stay cheesy ;D

  21. GO BACK. You need an introduction. We liked when you were waiting to spawn….don't edit that out. Face cam? doesn't matter to me

  22. Hey you got killed by a guy named Ignacio! 😉

  23. The facecam isn't really a big deal to me. I can do with it, or without it! However, I do like the intermissions and definitely like the little pause where you showed the enemy you missed. That kinda thing is funny and adds to the videos entertainment! I always loved the "Surprise Motha Fucka" editing you did in the past lol. Oh and the new outro is badass! Anyway, whatever you prefer Nacho. I'm good with anything you do, homeskillet!

  24. The old days of Nacho is back!!!… except i do like the intro and no music outro.

  25. I do not like it😠

  26. I like it without the facecam, i can see more details, and in the intro-spawning with the facecam u cant see the weapon selection.

  27. The old way Nachito! It feels weird without the face cam hahaha

  28. Pro no facecam – classic nacho! But con no intermission. Like all of a sudden you show up on the other side of the map like… wut.

  29. I think u should stick with the old thing because we wanna see your reaction and u can call it live if ur editing it.

  30. I don´t like u cuted out the transmission! I wanna see a full gameplay and i wait with u for respawn! 🙂
    facecam isn´t important for me.

  31. don't like face cam,but like game interm..

  32. As a long time sub to this channel (2,000), I've always preferred it the old way without face cam. I think you should keep the videos unedited though.

  33. editing out the respawns tajes awat frin the viewer being part of the the game. Also is good to see what happens with the player that just killed you.

  34. I like this map a lot.

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