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Back with Battlefield 4 in a new top SNIPING plays!! Submit clip here:
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  2. This is why I like battlefield sniping kill montages better then cod weather its 1 2 3 4 or hardline the realisticness gives it a better feel instead of the same 360 no scope crap

  3. 4:30 dude just had one bullet left

  4. you still accepting clips man

  5. these people are pulling this sh*t off, I can't even snipe stationary /w bipod

  6. no freaken way like I'm a decent sniper but dang, do some for hard-line tho please

  7. hey guys this is not just a spam thing ishh comment i wanted to ask you guys if you could watch my Multi kill video
    i did my best to make it as good as i could, you guys may like it 🙂

  8. gay ads dubstep, Jesus

  9. That seemed like such a bullshit bcz it felt so unreal! wow

  10. Dude i have a sick snipe kill how i can give the video to you??

  11. I got a triple collateral headshot before

  12. Check my youtube Chanel for bf4 moments ?

  13. OMG WTF 1 sniper shot and 5 kills !!!!!!!!

  14. I fuckin wish I was that good

  15. wtf that 2,400 meters shot was, :O

  16. is the JNG on par with M98B?

  17. Stone Moutain.? he must live in atlanta xD

  18. what's that song called

  19. You kind of sound like Hansel from Zoolander. Am i the only one?

  20. the second was the the best! NONE SCOPE IS REAL!

  21. Wuts that song called

  22. this is why i play battlefield

  23. I remember when I was once on locker and everyone was in the hallway camping, I flanked them and then LMG'd all of them. I got 17 people.

  24. so cool super fun :3

  25. so cool super gun :3

  26. so cool super gun :3

  27. new to this chanel but damn it's dope watched quite a few vids and I'm happily going to subscribe

  28. call of duty sucks,battlefield fucks

  29. I think I take headshot with 1x scope on moving target is amazing, but until I see this…

  30. #2 Should go back to CoD

  31. Sounds like a little Ex-lax might be in order…

  32. Big E is really pulls them clutchs

  33. Thanks man for upploading, means alot to be on ur channel! <3 #noscopeisreal

  34. number 7 i watched the stream when he did it

  35. where is themadrecon's noscope 180 ? the one on paracel storm !?

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