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Battlefield and Call of Duty are duking it out! Not with bullets and explosions, but with snarky Twitter posts. COD released its trailer for Infinite Warfare ahead of Battlefield 5’s reveal event this week and some developers from DICE decided to chime in with their opinions of it via Twitter. Now we all get to bask in the drama.

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  1. gamestop will have so many used cod games

  2. This is the hillary and Sanders debate.
    Battlefield being Sanders.

    Cod being Hillary.

  3. this video proves all of popos previous suspicions… these two have so much sexual tension towards each other


  4. does IW still have over 10 million views? who gives a damn about dislikes as long as it has alot of likes?

  5. both those games suck

  6. loved Katy Perry in this episode

  7. i bet these two feel stupid after the million dislikes on infinite warfare……. like only a couple hundred thousand?

  8. it's 2mil dislikes now

  9. BF fans are getting hard over a CGI trailer, whatever floats your boat. (Or Sinks It)

  10. the graphics barely change from each call of duty, it's kinda sad really. i get they are more focused on the multiplayer experience, but comon you could at least get your graphics at least 50% better. also when you release a game with a certain feature, don't remove it a year later and expect people to pay for it(zombies in AW).

  11. Hardline was a fucking joke anyways xD It deserves lower numbers than that if you ask me.

  12. cod Fucking sucks. battlefield 1? more like battlefield won!!!!

  13. "At least it's not as bad as the new ghost busters trailer" Battlefield One trailer comes out "…… nvm"

  14. Call of duty has gone to complete shit and doesn't give two shits about the community obviously as you can see they made it worse… I don't even know how that's possible… but battlefield on the other hand listened to the community and made a game that looks amazing in WW1 which is what everyone wanted so I wouldn't say COD outshines Battlefield because the trailer, the feedback, and all the COD fans that gave up on the franchise and moved to battlefield. Battlefield is obviously the better game overall.

  15. I haven't loved a COD game since MW2, but those DICE crybabies are just mad because their last relevant game was Battlefield 2. Maybe they should stop crying and focus on making a good game.

  16. Big news! Battlefield crushed cod ko cod 0 battlefield 1

  17. And it did melt the internet…cods dead lol

  18. I like the banter Ashley & Meg have

  19. Lol what happened Sony? So excited last year to reveal that Sony was the new home for cod. ? well think again.

  20. fuck you shari's berries

  21. 1.6 million dislikes now it matters

  22. Sales doesn't suggest quality of a game. Both lose, CoD is completely out dated, and BF is getting there too.

  23. who are we kidding , were all going to pick up both

  24. when your favorite game has a mega block set

  25. Yeah so guns don't have recoil in the future, physics don't exist and you can kill 7 yo all day and think your the shit

  26. thank god for those tweets.other wise I wouldn't waste my time to watch this stupid video

  27. There is a reason why DICE named their new game "Battlefield 1"….meaning Battlefield Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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