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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is kind of addicting for me. I’ve been visiting family over Christmas and haven’t been able to play over a week! I’ve been itching to get back on and get back to work on my hero gear!

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I capture console gameplay with The Elgato HD60 because it’s the most professional device on the market for 1080p 60fps console capture.
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  1. I know this is old but Canada does not have free health care technically they pay more in taxes to make up for that cost.

  2. Hate when people say specialist weapons are OP.They're SPECIALIST weapons. They're supposed to be somewhat "overpowered", which is why you only get them for a limited amount of time.

  3. Brad, I think that you're a very logical and smart guy, I love your videos.

  4. Go Subscribe To My YouTube Channel Please @kingvoris ps4gaming thanks

  5. Drift0r if you were to run for president I would honestly vote for you without second thought

  6. Black Stripper story starts @ 36:16

  7. wow that's wierd 1:18:17 (scoreboard)

  8. How do you get more classes. I only have 5 but he has 8. How?

  9. More than 3 hours stream video…maaaan its so long..but im gonna watch it till the end..i find value in what u say..keep it up drift0r…

  10. Drift0r your stories are hilarious xD

  11. Tmartin and Ali A are Sellouts !! Driftor is a hero !!

  12. no free health care + gun control. pretty much the laughing stock of the world.

  13. oh my god. you're whole video pisses me off. americas health care system is fucked up. i was born in scotland and raised in australia and ive never had to wait in any line for a doctor. if i needed to see a doc in oz i could make an appointment and would be seen the same day. exactly the same for scotland. and yes, thats a part of britain unfortunately. for you uneducated hicks.

  14. i know why you have red hair. asian women love red hair because it is completely foreign to them.

  15. how old are you? why are you being taught to hate at your age? oh yeah, youre american. hahahaha

  16. you make out that you are a really clever guy and you aren'tracist but you sound like one of the most racist people ever. you need to playback your own video and have a listen.

  17. driftor love how many streams you upload but please do more solo stream 😀 fan from singapore

  18. In Oklahoma if you're Cherokee you get free healthcare #Blessed

  19. Clash of clans is not pay-to-win, u can get max without "paying"

  20. Sedat driftor,
    I had already bought a Scuf by this time but after seeing ur video where u said that you would rather be sued than advertise a bad company I thought that I should say although I think u are being honest when I received the Scuf it had a dis functional A paddle and o trigger stops I then emailed them and waited 4 weeks to find out that my email was not linked to a purchase so. Should use the correct email to order even though I was just asking whether they were supposed to have trigger and how to get it fixed.

  21. Since this is such a long commentary, we should all name drift0r look a likes. I call Clark from the movie The Benchwarmers ???

  22. idk if this still works but at the beginning of a match if you choose a class with ante up and then after the countdown ends quickly switch to a different class without ante up and you can still keep your starting bonus towards your Scorestreaks

  23. Wait Driftor has a wife… He's like 22…

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