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  1. love the videos but come to pc bots

  2. Doug got carried to victory. Get a better teammate. You are too good to associate yourself with a trash player like dougisraw.

  3. Omg u r osm……fan from India bro

  4. Sniper no sniping!

  5. Fawk teep ur disgusting ❤️??

  6. If u don’t show love to ur subs ur a bitch

  7. Dammit teepee ur a monster !!!unreal!!!

  8. I can't believe he didn't even see that gold gun on the ground at 1:45

  9. You are a Legend.PERIOD!

  10. The hawk needs to be removed or nerfed asap its just too OP damn

  11. TeePee its a horner being killed by you lol i was the one you kill that was on top of the firing rage and i was spectating you throughout your hole game and let me tell that hawk was doing work i saw with my own eyes but then you died at turbine

  12. Sensor dart looked like a fkn kneecapper??

  13. “On me, that’s teepee rig…god damnit”

    Lol imagine dedicating your gaming life to stream sniping ? I wanna be stream sniped famous one day

  14. Sick fuckin plays bro !

  15. Anyone know what camo that is on the palladin? Was hard for me to hear what they said

  16. The quick scoping is unreal..GG

  17. Lol so he finally figured out how to use the hawk. About time.

  18. Anybody knows what headset he uses? You are the God by the way

  19. Teep used to be my favorite YouTuber he doesn’t ever respond though. Gangsta Salute is better and engages / responds to his viewers.

  20. Do you think I can squeeze by? Nope. ?

  21. Still the only CoD blackout player worth watching, very chill, good commentary, overall 11/10, keep it up Teep 🙂

  22. Tee p when u play I feel like I can do that. And when I do that I die.?

  23. Wtf is that ??? . Imma boutta report lol

  24. Lets go!! Doug is back ! That’s a like for me

  25. Tee pee is the goat

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