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Today we try out a new mod which introduces bounty hunters into the game. Once you commit a crime and lose wanted level, these guys will be after you. Can we survive??

GTA 5 is a very popular video game that could be modded beyond imagination. This video was made possible with many different mods created for GTA 5 by many talented people. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions for future gameplays and hope you enjoy the video!!

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  1. Best episode EVER!!!

  2. Get a military fighter get

  3. Can anyone tell me how to install the mods?

  4. This car is mind blowing.I wanted this car in real life.

  5. 9:15 I think you removed your own wanted level because it went away very quickly

  6. Iggy awesome and your videos also top speed guess 120mph

  7. Can you be bounty hunter

  8. one of the best videos ever Iggy!

  9. Great job man…
    Keep it on
    Lovely fan from India…

  10. Plz make an evade episode using hoverboard plz

  11. We want live stream pls

  12. Nice Dodge Challenger off road edition and the top speed 109 mph

  13. I think the top speed of this suv is going to be 133

  14. Hey dude!! Long time No see!!

  15. Franklin fresh evades episode are good

  16. Hello igggy that car look nice. ill think 100mph can u do more cop Patrol or drag racing??????????and enjoy your weeknd they look mad weird

  17. Can you do a live stream with the zombie apocalypse mod

  18. Do what @Brian Rowlands said to me PLEASE ??

  19. NICE CAR AND VID TOP speed 120

  20. Iggy can you do a dodge Demon in the next episode

  21. Can you try becoming a bounty Hunter instead of running

  22. What an insane video! Those bounty hunters were insane they were in so much armor they were in like armored suit they had armored cars those are some crazy bounty hunters if I do say myself. Did you even know the bounty hunters were that crazy? Yo had a nice vehicle but unfortunately the bounty hunters and the cops destroyed it maybe if you use this mod next time you should remember to get an armored vehicle for safety. I mean that vehicle did help you from the bounty hunter. Loved that dodge nice wheel and headlights I also liked the the sound of the car honestly that car looks armored the dodge I don’t know why it looks like that to me do you think that also or is it just me. I feel like it’s harder to get away from the bounty hunters then the cops. Anyways fantastic video I loved it can’t wait to see another one of your ideas tomorrow on video of course I will be there as always. Hope you having an amazing day like spending time with your family or friends or just relaxing and making amazing videos like this one and every single video you make. This was kind of slow but the car looked pretty sick anyways my guess for this vehicle was 122 mph.

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