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Hey Guys Me, Blast king101 , JVl40A3, and CrAzYkIlLer967 where just messing around with the elevator glitchs that JV showed me and Blast King found one that made you look like Jesus so we called it the Jesus glitch if you want to learn how to do this glitch or any other glitchs leave comments in the box bellow Thanks!

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  1. @snowboardking951 Thats interesting, but I really have no idea how he got up there. Well, it is Easter, hopefully we will find out soon.

  2. @Suddy911 How did Jesus assend to Heaven after his resurrection, i suppose he walked up a golden stair case, right.

  3. who ever said Jesus could fly?


  5. ya its just an elavator nd i host tenth lobbys for 1600 micro points or membership nd somtimes free snd me a friend reqwest nd messege if uu wnt one my gt is CoDiNe ox

  6. Commando pro. SURPRISE!

  7. @MrMario341 its not a hack i don't think it works any more because they patched it this was like 8 months ago

  8. its on x box so its a hack

  9. How do you do that glitch?

  10. Steep 1: He died and sent to heaven, Step 2. He came down and died again and Step 3: He came back to life because of his spawning system LOL!

  11. wat happens if u shoot him? duz he fall or keep floating?

  12. Looks like noclip to me.

  13. teach me how to do this glitch

  14. That's what you think

  15. its just an elevator no crazy jesus stuff lol

  16. Ya i have one so if you want to know how to do it look at my videos

  17. If u wanna know how to do this look for elevator turorials

  18. how did uu do that ?
    i play cod iam 10th presteige

  19. Holy shit its the rapture

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