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Take a look at all the Call of Duty Modern Warfare all confirmed weapons so far that we have spotted in the cod modern warfare reveal trailer that you see here in this video. Let us know if you find any other weapons that you can spot in the game so far. #codmodernwarfare #callofdutymodernwarfare #laserbolt


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  1. Love the video. I’m going to subscribe to your channel!

  2. Isnt this game already released. They made a remastered modern warfare, or is this a new game with the sane name?

  3. I believe I saw an UMP.9 or UMP.45 cant tell for sure what it is

  4. Good call on the HK433, the handgun is not a 1911, might be a sig p320. The person on the car does look like a female.

  5. Probably not an M4A1, probably a Block II or 416

  6. If they have robot suits again, that game will suck just like the others

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