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It was confirmed recently that the upcoming Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare, WILL have cross play. However, no one seems to know how it will actually work. It’s been stated that it will be the same as Fortnite, but if you’ve never played Fortnite before, you’re probably wondering how it works. Rest assured, I explain it all in this video.

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  1. Here's the big problem the PC player perspective our player base is so small that without forced crossplay we won't be able to get the game going all the devs have to do is balance keyboard and mouse against controller aim assist

  2. Infinite Warfare ?

  3. Hopefully we'll finally be able to team up on the battlefield and hunt challenges together ?

  4. I don't trust Activision. Many times they either lied or over exaggerated on things. My understanding is crossplay will be PC to console only. Not console to console. Also Activision lied many time since all the way back to COD Ghost claiming it's a new game engine but it always turns out to be an old but optimized engine.
    Best advice is to wait after the release than you'll know.

  5. I'm really not into COD but, I'll leave a like for the great content. Like the new intro btw!!

  6. The main thing I'm worried about is due to PC games being easily moddable what is stopping a modder installing aimbot and plugging in a controller to go into the console lobbies?

  7. You just done inspired me, I always hit masters on every cod and im one prestige away from Masters on Ops 4 but I facking hate that game. I’ll redload and finish it though, its only right beidjdjejdbxnd ?

  8. I never played campaign for more than a few hours, but from the details I’ve heard, I REALLY want to play the campaign because of how realistic it sounds. They say it’ll make no Russian from look like a G-rated movie ?? I hope the game gets an Adult rating so no 12 year olds playing it ?

  9. I can’t wait to play it

  10. are you ever going to end the streak

  11. Tabor making a return to COD? I think yes.

  12. pc should be only play with pc or console if there’s a console player in the party. ps4 and xbox should be in a lobby. my opinion. :p

  13. I can’t wait it will be a very good game

  14. Yeah ever since Fortnite CoD really doesn't tickle my pickle.
    Edit: Haven't missed a video. I remember watching your videos with that seductive voice. Keep up the good work ?

  15. They're probably going to go the Rocket League way. They made a whole system called RocketID, you automatically get a "Name#0000" ID, like Discord. No sign up required tho.

  16. Here's the thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I don't give a f&*k. I'm not sure why everyone was so confused, they obviously have/will have a system to ensure this is done like Fortnite in regards to the matchmaking

  17. So far Ace and you have the best videos on this topic. Thanks for clearing this up and breaking it down so that it's easy to understand homie.

  18. When I hear "everybody play with everybody play with everybody" I'd take that as we all play together

  19. After watching this video, I end up to the conclusion that the best option might be to simply buff or nerf aim assist until stats shows that both input devices are well balanced, just like they already do with guns. Every gun should have its own aim assist parameter.
    With fine tuning, everything should be balanced after a few months and a few updates.
    This might allow us to play with everyone, no matter the lobby or the device.

  20. I know some very good youtubers covering COD games. But if I need a more "in depth" analysis, I know that I can count on Tabor Hill to explore all the important details that other youtubers forgot to mention.
    In other words : thank you Tabor 🙂

  21. I will comment every day

    Buy Artic Assassin

    Until you buy Artic Assassin

    Day 4

  22. The adapter is called a XIM. Fyi buddy!

  23. I see you using that Gravity Falls music


  24. Love me some Infinite Warfare, one of my favorite COD's.

  25. I Have a bad feeling about call of duty cross play idk?? I hope it’s just like Fortnite but something tells me it’s going to be a disaster ?

  26. You 100% watched eight thoughts vid didn’t you

  27. Hyped for some cod videos!

  28. Come on tabor… using a howitzer. You should know that is the absolute bottom of the barrel

  29. So what you're saying, is that you've given up on Call of Duty? ? I hope this CoD makes it right, I've been a long time fan since W@W but haven't gotten into any of the recent ones

  30. Can’t wait for the new Tabor Hill cod videos.

    Also you should definitely complete the black ops 1 campaign it’s worth it.

  31. I’m So lucky my b-day is close to the release of the game so I can get pre order

  32. Xim 4 is the adapter you might be referring to.

  33. I know this isent fortnite but
    Use code tabortime in the item shop

  34. Its true multi-player is alot more fun

  35. I love theas cod videos

  36. Im excited for the next game

  37. Did you give up on cod or did cod give up on you? That's the real question! Let's be honest I didnt see you put up any bo4 this last year, altho the game was poop and idk anyone who actually enjoyed it or stayed playing it… my gaming group has given up on all of cod and it's sad, but understandable.

  38. Now I want to play Infinite Warfare again. Question: is Synaptic still OP?

  39. Fortnite in a call of duty video TRIGGERED!!! jk :p… I hate it that gaming youtubers know nothing about how games are made(Not including you tabor.). Epic Games, made their crossplay tools open source. .. Meaning anybody can use them for free. So yea… So people who don't know anything just spreading lies and miss information.

  40. I thought everyone had there only lobbies

  41. Great video bro this time im going to wait and see peoples feed back about the game before I buy it

  42. I thought keyboard players had their own lobbies and controller players had their own lobbies. That would make the most sense for MW to use

  43. That intro so clean ? im glad to see CoD content. I still remember the days of you playing Bo3. Memories. I will always support you.

  44. Good video!
    Ia this a new introo?

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