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Every Call of Duty ranked. Worst and best COD’s. From COD4 to Black Ops 4, we rank all Call of Duty Games.

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  1. I hope mw4 enters the S tier
    When it comes out

  2. You smoking some weird shit if you think ghost is better than bo3

  3. Where’s the first couple cods

  4. While you and I had some differences in where we rank our games, especially WW2, overall we were pretty similar. I commend you for ranking Black Ops 4 where it belongs. The truth DESPERATELY needs to be spoken about that game. It is easily the worst COD ever made by far. Yikes.

  5. You know this tier list is shit when bo2 and advanced warfare are on the same tier bo2 deserved S tier andvanced deserves where it is now and ghost was slept on it was really not that bad of a game people just gave it more shit than it needed

  6. In a squeaky 10 year old voice: o my god rocketsloth why wud u rate bo4 an F battle royal is the goodest gameode ever.

  7. 11:17 black ops 3 footage, Nani the fuck?

  8. I was with you for the first half yes Mw: A waw: S Mw2:S Bo1:S Mw3 I also agree is a S But Bo2 at a B tier Ima fine you for this one It is SSSSSSSSSSSS. ghost: B. Aw: F tier was a waste of money Bo3: A tier for zombies alone. Infinite warfare: F WW2: C Bo4: B tier

  9. Cod bo4 is B boi and ghosts a good F

  10. Ok bo 4 no way near f tier. You can puti it low but not f

  11. So the last gen Call of Duty games are the best, while the current next gen Call of Duty games are bad? Why the fuck do we even bother having the next gen consoles??? Let's all just sell all our next gen consoles, and buy an Xbox 360, or PS3 and go back to the good last gen Call of Duty games

  12. How is mw3 in S tier and mw1 is A????

  13. Why would you call bo2 a b tier when it has the 2 best zombie maps

  14. I totally agree with everything except the newer Black Ops zombies. Idk if I’m just based but bo2 and bo3 has some of the best zombies

  15. When I saw the title for this video, I thought you were going to list EVERY CoD like CoD 2 where you play with Captain Price's father. Still I agree with your list.

  16. Ok no no no. Bo2 is an s tier cod and their zombies was fantastic, have you ever played origins and mob of the dead?? And then you say that aw has better zombies than bo2, why do you want to worry about infected zombies and getting cleaned every other round, and then their Easter eggs were actually garbage. And then you say that bo3 is a c tier cod, multiplayer was fun, chaotic, and yes little ruined by micro transactions, but again still had a good mp. The campaign was trash I will agree. BUT, I can't believe you said that bo3 zombies was not good. Bo3 zombies was the best in the franchise, dlc 1, 3, 4, and then dlc 5( first cod to do that) were all fantastic maps. Out of all of the maps in bo3 1 map was bad, zetsabo no shima, the rest were b and up tier maps. And then you say that the majority of the zombies community wants to have fun and not do the Easter egg?? The mass majority will do the Easter eggs, or get the main weapons in the map and go for a stupid high round. I respect your opinion, but you are factually wrong.

  17. Bro this tier list is garAbage.

  18. I hope people realize like when they get triggered that advanced warfare was at b tier along with bo2 or something else you get mad at. Stfu. This is his opinion and if your not gonna be respectful that gtfo.

  19. I felt like infinite warfare was really fun! It was a littlw different and it had a cool gun that was like a black hole gun! The campaign was fun and i love call of duty on different planets. It was really cool. I give it a B+

  20. BO2 is the greatest COD ever

  21. Bo4 blackout is the best part

  22. Finally some one hates bo4 its complete ass

  23. Bo3 deserves an A tier, not everyone wants a boring old game of zombies withoit easter eggs.

  24. Finally someone thinks waw is a great game

  25. Should of just made a basic video, would of been better

  26. Ww2 best supply drop system and dlc weapon system

  27. In my opinion I would put cod ww2 and bo4 in F tier they both were cash grabs but I would rate bo4 a little worse (if I could) because it just felt bland to me and the zombies was the only decent thing in the game but it got boring really fast and battle royal just sucked along with multiplayer

  28. My grading

    S- MW3,BO2,MW
    A- MW2,BO,WaW
    B- BO3,BO4,WW2
    C- Ghosts
    D- Advance Warfare
    F- Infinite Warfare

  29. Wtf bo2 is with out a doubt the prob best and last great cod and it was put in the same category as AW this has to be a joke right?


  31. Bo3 should have been in A

  32. Not related to video , I recognize the background music, it’s from farcry 3 blood dragon

  33. Who else just skipped to the end to see his final tier?

  34. lmao bo2 is same as ghosts and lower than mw3??????

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