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  1. Dislike for msg in arab.

  2. But that lvl 40 queen tho

  3. add my gems plss cristal clan

  4. if you want to be my friend on PS3 username: clashofclan8 i want to try and hit as many friends as i can i would apprecheit it if you helped me out!

  5. I realy like the vid nut these subscribe buttons are anoying me when i want to click them to be gone they bring en to an link (oder vid) hate it 🙁

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  8. Join my clan…XP Club 2.0 to raise up ur lvl…thanks

  9. well kiddo attacking . while noobs 🙁

  10. hai please add me 99999999 gems for my clan my user name is JAMAL MOHAMMED

  11. Any one got prenzels this looks cool

  12. Join ImmortalWizardz we're a small clan of loyal members tryna grow

  13. the first battle so stupid

  14. My coc username is james

  15. Somebody please hack my account add99999999999 gems my username is DarkCloud299

  16. LOL it's cool that there is a lot of loot up in champs

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  18. pls gems pls 99999
    name CocHack

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  20. Giving away my sick th8 account
    KIK: scottyp1221
    contact me for pictures of base and such

  21. Why do people train way too many wallbreakers, I think at the most 6 should be good, so you have more room to store better troops

  22. please anyone do for me
    jony the king
    99999 gems

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