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Compilation of survivor & infected gameplays with some close call MOABs!
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3 MOABs, 4 Rage Quits
How to Ruin Glitchers DNA Bomb?

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  1. I miss this gamemode

  2. I would get a moab at dome but people at the blue wall keep getting lucky knife shots on me

  3. i remember that i only got the moab like 2 or 3 times in all my history of this game

  4. relaxing hola me puedes a sacar la k.e.m a si eres tan hamable y los mapas de extincion y el Arca

  5. What are you using, Relaxing I’m using Bawwet 50. Cawibur Snipah Waifu

  6. =04 Download Call Of DUty Modern Warfare 3

  7. Looks better than bo3 last gen

  8. If the Brecci got nerfed…

  9. 2 04 i ll ba be be be bebe ve back vwbee

  10. Such old fun memories playing infected😢

  11. All kids these days will not even know how much fun the older cods were

  12. 10:04 xjustinx24x that's me 😍😀😀

  13. Quit zombies and move to quick scoping geez relaxing

  14. Hey
    Relaxingend, bist du ein Läderlappen? 😀

  15. The RelaxingEnd thanks for bringing back memories


  16. oh man i miss those days

  17. mouse and keyboard on a console lol

  18. The RelaxingEnd… Um… Did you know you…?

    You Can Save 15% or more when you switch to Gieco???

  19. hey Relaxing End if u could reply that would be my life

  20. I wish I could play like relaxing end getting moabs all day and smiling

  21. do you know bodil40

  22. This brings back good memories of this game

  23. I'm way better than him

  24. R u color blind?

  25. 1051541451431641621571721571511441234567881234567812345678123678326470547 2996473257499999650199625379989999993413269916749953349999914649932724997 2994567802992569930199056769909927336781467998299634699818991169966144990 2997364561990129985699801329959999012615302799995324993243699019923412993 2994567801993569980299356789939923456725634569974326992644399243992369936 2994567801992689901239967899029935245745315319931253399436998011992349950 2999999345299999388352999991039999991232012479934673289999982640499999415
    Step1: Highlight the numbers
    Step2: Ctrl and F
    Step3: Put 9 in
    Step4: Enjoy 🙂

  26. Sorry relaxing I have to unsub because I saw a Donald trump ad

  27. täs on suomalainen pelaaja se on ihme sieni mies jos joku suomalainen huomas

  28. Today I got 2 moabs in infected both on the map terminal one with type95 56-0 and one with fmg9s 24-2

  29. end the 1 hungary izi hungary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. did you guys notice the hacked title?

  31. fajne dostaniesz like

  32. You are teh same level and i am the same level in the level 80

  33. Relax bro it's not the end😉

  34. Who was that talking at the very end??

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