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The following footage shown of Counter Strike: Remastered has all been recorded live in gameplay. All clips are recorded live, and cinematics have been created through a theater system inside the game itself. This video is footage from the game being in its beta stage. The game itself may have many mistakes/game bugs and is still in development as we speak. As stated in my previous video this project is a fan-made game of CS:GO and is not a steam game the intent of this is not to completely…

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  1. thank you but no thank you. i dont want cs to ever look like this.

  2. This is just a shitty knockoff game with CS maps… lmfao

  3. The new suppressor looks bad :/

  4. Where to download

  5. give us link of this mod plsssssssssss

  6. where are the skins 🙁

  7. Please god dont let this happend

  8. But where's the bhop? 1/10 would not hop again

  9. guys what is that qr code does in the end

  10. I see you used some animations from counter strike online 2 wish it was fully devolped im sure if u just realease everything you have so far people wont be that mad.

  11. Question why did he use the old csgo maps not the new remade maps?

  12. from such beauty I have goosebumps!

  13. I can't belive this is before Source 2

  14. Press F To Pay Respects…
    Нажми А Что Бы Почтить Память…

  15. Ten krzyk zabijania jest zjebany

  16. Poroding is warmode?

  17. Please man I so happy this gameplay so beautiful can you say this game maybe we can play this? )(

  18. Who would win:
    A game company called "Valve" that have many games and a long history
    A boi with huge balls and UE4

  19. Payday 3 confirmed

  20. Make the gun values like cs source the new values suck

  21. гранаты топ!

  22. this shit is trash

  23. can you just upload the unfinished version

  24. 2019 we still waiting

  25. But can you bhop? ?

  26. Are This Game will be released at 2019?

  27. sieht kacke aus…

  28. I come back here because the song 🙂

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