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Dropping the LAB and Scoring HUGE Loot in Clash of Clans | Lets Play ep. 12
NEW Clash Series:

Today in Clash of Clans we are buying the lab and finding some huge TH3 loot!

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  1. Hey family! Who is excited for another TH3 Lets Play video?


  3. I love your series echo! Also the dogggggeee???

  4. Echo is TH3 and has 3 Builders… Me : TH6 2 builders????

  5. Can i get u r id pls bro plsss

  6. Get the easy loot off the goblin maps dude ??????1st 12 levels are no brainers and cheap to attack as no time ??????

  7. I just subscribed maybe i can join your clan as a th 8 if you create it

  8. Let me know when you will have your own clan??

  9. what are you building bro….

  10. I'm also a th3. I'm almost a max th3. Really enjoy your videos.

  11. NOOOO!!!! I thought that since you had cleared your friend requests that mine could go through now…
    …it didn't?

    Great episode ECHO! Love seeing these videos, so thank you! And also, could you accept friend requests off-camera, that way the list can clear again?

  12. also started a new account because of this series. hope i can join the clan aswell

  13. is there any th8 one greetings from Indonesia btw I'm th 8 no clan need one anyone recommend?

  14. After watching this vid i visited your village and you have new base and you are in the ballz deep now

  15. Echo you can join to our clan
    Name: Aussie Pirates lv 9 clan

  16. I'm still grinding up my second mini and it's a lot of fun. Always fun to return to start one. Looking forward to the clan. I have a mini th8 looking for a home so it could work! ?

    P.S: You don't need to be th5 to start a clan.

  17. love these vids echo i remember when u loved my comment?

  18. Hey your videos cheer me up after a bad day at school

  19. Looking forward to the new clan! Excited to be in the family. Hopefully I make the cut! Shane Er$

  20. Liked and subbed I love your vids I'll follow you to the end of the world

  21. If you can buy it you can make it no town hall level needed

  22. Nice you're already growing so much lol lab already?! GGs!

  23. Welcome ECHO, our Newest Ballz Deep member. Great vids and surreal opportunity to have our Clan dropped onto your channel.

  24. Town Hall 7 Barbarian King
    Town Hall 9 Archer Queen
    Town Hall 11 Grand Warden
    Do you think that when Town Hall 13 comes out we will get a new hero?

  25. the irony is that u need to upgrade the th to start getting troops going

  26. I'm excited, I love this!! I also started over with you and it is going great!?

  27. 212th to like. Better late than never.

  28. I joined your Th3 clan

  29. i tried sending you an invite to our clan but when i search for ECHO gaming. it says it doesnt exist lol

  30. Best clash of clans channel in yt, always help us in improving our attacks love you sir

  31. I made a clan for you if you want to join I have a th9

  32. I c my self in the video ?

  33. Time to better army and op 3 star strategy I wanna join the clan my clan is boring in cwl because I never participate because I am th9 and cwl for 11 and 12 we never do 30 VS 30 idk y

  34. You should try out my clan Southern Born we would love to have you

  35. Love it! Thanks for the namedrop! Made my day when I seen you request, was not expecting it? EXIGAN

  36. Hi echo what is ur Id I’m ur biggest fan but I want to send u a friend request ????

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