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I finally broke my solo record in fortnite battle royale….however I did it while smurfing and doing challenges. So I definitely think the 34 I pulled doing fortnite solo squads holds a lot more weight. If you want my bindings and settings for fortnite console I have it linked in the description down below. Enjoy these highlights from my fortnite livestreams.

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  1. Hey upshall would be worth it if i got a scuf because i'm a non claw player

  2. Smurfing to play against low levels, smh your trash

  3. You should react to Kiri next

  4. Bro please make a reaction video to me on my latest video please. Just watch it before u react just so u can see I’m actually really good. It’s a short video but it’s some other vids to to react to

  5. People we’re mad disappointed shouldn’t do that upshall

  6. React to LD Fortnite

  7. React to the best combat pro player aggro younster

  8. You should react to tomijackson, he is a great editor

  9. Upshall i just killed you in a pub ggs man and i love your videos!

    Please make a vedio about him he has 100 ping..

  11. Upshall react to the fastest controller editor and he does not use 2 edit binds his name is chikzy

  12. Hardly edited on anyone apart from last few guys, smurf account got you them kills

  13. Yo, Upshall. React to teztn he plays on console and he is GOATED💯🐐

  14. you guys roasting him for going on a smurf read this:
    he said he’s doing a no heal challenge and he wanted to have siphon, but if he played on his main he would have champs league sweatys.

    the title is kinda clickbaity tho

  15. React to @cook he can edit just as fast as Raider and uses one edit bind he only have around 100 subs

  16. Could you make a video on Xeno. He is a pretty small channel (4K subs). He is doing daily uploads (a lot of effort) he is a big influence to me and he recently turned 16. It would probably be the best present in the world for him to get super big!! Thank you have a great day

  17. You should react to Ghost Shah

  18. Lol made a new account so it can be easy

  19. "No heals challenge"

    Defaults everywhere

    What exactly does everyone see in this guy again?

  20. It's a chevrolet movie Teeator 😂

  21. Gg you was in a bit lobby and I didn't even see you edit 😂😂 ok maybe like every now and then but didn't really see anything to crazy other than your aim and your great rotations.

  22. he is actually so bad at the game and the only way he can act like a good player is when he smurfs. shame on you

  23. React to nova whistles

  24. ok wait i havent seen any pc player that could aim that fucking good wth

  25. Upshall go check my friend's youtube channel Stefanos Mitsakos

  26. Most of his kills are moons not building

  27. Wonder if you can get high kill games in higher divisions

  28. Lol why you bullying division 2 players

  29. react to Crilize

  30. "bUiLd CeIliNg" 😂Jk love the vids

  31. All noobs he wouldn’t be able to do all that if there was try hards 💯🤦‍♂️

  32. Went up 47 points in one game
    Good stuff

  33. Why do you have a glowing purple diagram of a rectum on your wall?

  34. My Twitter is banned bois… mind checking out my channel, if you have any suggestions what to do better much appreciated! <3

  35. Y do u use different accounts each time

  36. Honestly edit aim assist doesn’t really help me

  37. please react to Parallel Beats! Insane creative player, the most creative player I´ve seen

  38. you guys know that upshall joined “nova”

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