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A brand new game mode is coming to PUBG Mobile in update 0.13.0 – Team Deathmatch… Here’s a sneak peek… Don’t drool over those shots now. “Warehouse” is the map… does this mean MORE TDM maps to come in the future?

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  2. PubG introduced Team Deathmatch to troll COD & Dorknite.

  3. When this mode update

  4. He’s so happy to win against bots

  5. Please can you invite me my name in pubg is

  6. I haven't watched PB in ages… First video back and he still hasn't changed. Same whining and excuses when things don't go his way. (And that's just what he chooses to show too. God knows what he's like to actually play with.)

  7. Who on here got a 29 K.D on pubg I have if you wanna add let me know

  8. Latency is what whe have to deal with every day, in Africa against Europe server's

  9. I play this and kd is like 2 pb plays and kd is 13

  10. I want 1st person death match

  11. Is this coming to NA server's

  12. Which device ??

  13. Tencent already knew Activision was going to add deathmatch..
    So, Tencent decided to give a heads up to Activision and declare copyright once CODM is released ?

  14. Hopefully the kar98 gets fixed quickly

  15. It would be better in first person

  16. Give friend request to "Gabbarwillkill"

  17. There's going to be so much spawn trapping…

  18. They are Soo copying call of duty mobile
    But nice game
    GGs PB

  19. Those are easy pb

  20. holy shit the announcer is cringy


  22. PB the kar98k king

  23. Aim assist.. and yet u still have this things on ur screen powerbang ur face ur social media ☠☠ get rid of them

  24. Eh powerbang love from canada ❤

  25. Funny how your pubg mobile graphics are so much more realistic looking then any other pubg mobile I’ve ever seen.

  26. That's some impressive spawn camping. ????

  27. Shut out to Fernando when a pro meets a pro ??

  28. I would rather play this mode then snaking and pushing

  29. Pubg literally copy everything ? from the voice commands to , auto heal .

  30. Call of duty mobile is sick and pubg trying to add their modes here and trying make it look like they are fixing bugs and banning hackers ??? nice try

  31. 你是真的菜

  32. Try 98 no scope with ping= 230ms, I want to see something 🙂

  33. Did you get update Sirius bro love from us

  34. Which game mode are you playing

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