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  2. The chest locations on the map are wrong the factory’s next to flush can have up to 12 chests there .

  3. Nice video I really liked it! I subscribed ? Greetings

  4. Great vid bro! Very helpful

  5. why are you doing this you have 15 wins and you think your decent cmon get good m9

  6. Nelly do you wanna play together sometimes.You are a great guy and im waiting for the next fortnite academy video

  7. Your videos are really great. They're simply very well done and I think you'll go far in the battle royal that is the YouTube arena. Keep up the good work!

  8. Have you quit Fifa

  9. Finally Fortnite Academy.Maybe now i can get my first win. HYPPPPPPPPEEEEEE

  10. great video found it helpful that if your aiming for a hill your parachute will deploy quicker more please

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