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FORTNITE Battle Royale is really enjoyable and I just can’t help myself to play at least one match a day. And today’s match was very special to me…BECAUSE I’VE WON FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! Hell Yeah!

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  1. Wtfffff u didn't see the fucking legendary scar!!!!!???‍♂️

  2. Subscribe to me i subscribe to you pets work together XD

  3. fortnight is a vary good game to play.

  4. Me too I’m noob???

  5. It sucks cause is online….
    The day they create a game in which you can battle with ur friends without
    you connecting to the internet only by using bluetooth it will be..lit

  6. good im happy for you

  7. ur a noob just takee a scar

  8. My 6 year old kid playes. Go my Chanel and watch his first klipp ??❤️

  9. i love how they hid behind trees in season 2 and still do in season 6 almost 7

  10. Ik haat jou waarom time out jij mij kanker mongool je kanker familie homo je kanker vader

  11. Muy aburrido… dedicate a otra cosa

  12. It was easy but now it’s full of try Garda

  13. I miss that season

  14. Ez egy szar játék

  15. Too much cartoonist

  16. The sniper reload back them was hella fast

  17. guys stop getting mad because it says pro in the title i think he ment ps4 pro or he can just keep telling himself that

  18. You are so bad you missed a scar over a bad AR

  19. He mists a scar

  20. Hello, my son wants fortnite for xmas, is this the one everyone is playing? Is there other versions?

  21. You didn’t get the scar

  22. How do u leave a scar

  23. Great Choice 11:40 =)).No hate I know this was back in season 2 and everyone was a noob.

  24. It was a scare in front of him

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