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  1. Sorry for no video(s) last week. I was busy with school

  2. What is the music you use? Will be really appreciated thx?

  3. Hey what’s the music?

  4. Dang that’s sad you build and edit almost as fast as me and I’m on controller

  5. Can you please show your hud wait ik why you don’t show your hud it’s because you don’t want all mobile player to be good as you

  6. lmao this shit is fucking trash ?

  7. What is the song plz

  8. I can destroy u epic name Baquen

  9. You edit as fast as me on mobile to noice

  10. Ive seen mobile try hards that stupidly changes weapons quick to act like a pro but trust me they will never be better than our Mobile god Adam,

  11. I want to join. Ur clan please

  12. You are fast man I’m pretty fast as well tho☺️☺️

  13. 0:22 when you are the third party

  14. What do u use to reacord

  15. He just have a good phone that’s how he can edit fast

  16. Me: I’m so good at editing
    Watches this video…

  17. Why was your name different in almost every clip?

  18. Hey one v one I’m good at mobile

  19. Faster than Tfue…

  20. Can somebody write the name of the first SONG plzzzz

  21. I’m just reading the comments and there is no hate . Adamxlegend you have a very good community of viewers

  22. What’s the background music?

  23. What device u play on

  24. What’s the music? Please tell me

  25. All he does is play with bots

  26. Almost faster than me and i play console?

  27. You are a god with edits but wtf are those build battles… you disappointed me

  28. Omg best mp evEr!

  29. like yes ur good but u are inconsistent with ur builds kinda sloppy, but u are a good player

  30. Im so glad you trap killed that sweaty tryhard soccer skin

  31. I’m decent in mobile in a rate of me in mobile like a 6/5 or 7 I’m not too good but I don’t play like that claw hand when ppl be having there hand all over the screen ?

  32. You has copiado my video zorra

  33. Yo Adam there’s a button now to reset a buildings edit

  34. Does anyone know how he records his game ???

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