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Search Chests in Greasy Grove
Consume Hop Rocks
Deal Damage with a Suppressed Weapons
Dance in Front Of Different Film Cameras
Search Between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen
Explosive Weapon Eliminations
Eliminate Opponents in Tomato Town

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  1. I have been watching you pretty much 10 years! How are you not at 10 million subs? Been a big fan for a long time!!

  2. All your challenge videos are really helpful I like your videos and subscribed(add me on PlayStation 4 jt4liffe please and thank you for your helpful videos

  3. C4 ain’t work for me
    (Remote explosive)

  4. Thank you so much


  6. For the explosive kills, I’ve gotten 3 kills with grenades and it hasn’t counted for any, what am I doing wrong?

  7. DO clingers count for explosive eliminations

  8. Im not watching a video to let me be told something is easy…

  9. Grenades and clingers kills did not count for me

  10. Yo could anyone look at my most recent fortnite video as i just want some honest feedback. Be much appriciated. Thanks!!

  11. 3:22 Syphon is the only thing that comes to my head

  12. haven’t seen you since the black ops 1 days, great to be back man love the content

  13. This was very helpfull thank you so much!

  14. If you play as Thanos and kill someone it counts as an explosive kill

  15. Grenades count as explosives too

  16. You are the best

  17. Does it work with knocked people(explosive elimination)?

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