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Fortnite Tips! Console Fortnite + Ps4/Xbox Tips and Tricks! How to win in Fortnite! Battle Royale Season 9! In this video I share Fortnite Tips to help you guys win as well how to build Faster in Fortnite! This Tip will make you UNSTOPPABLE and a Pro Player! I will be sharing some of my best tips in this video for Console Fortnite and as well as Ps4/Xbox and is also very effective for pc Fortnite! This Fortnite gameplay is in Season 9! Fortnite Ps4 Tips + Fortnite Xbox Tips that will teach…

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  7. You are honestly so underrated
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  8. i know alot know since i saw this video i already got 8 wins and i used your code now im cooler than my friends

  9. Anyone else think this was going to be about ways to take less damage from players? Lmao

  10. Epic is:BoBoTheUnicorn
    Good vid man

  11. Wow you make building and editing look so easy

  12. Keep it up(console,Xbox/username, VictorDrizzy245)

  13. I'm starting to die less now and win more my Xbox gamertag is CrazyJose12347

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  21. Shoutuouts to anyone subbing to me, also subbing back

  22. You should make a creative map where we do what your tips are like how not to take damage and stuff like that

  23. Watch your videos your an editing beast..!!! Hope to win some vbucks.. PSN: BLAZED_MONKEY07

  24. Love you ♥ 😍

  25. Xbox one
    Epic:Been Saucy

  26. You are the best and my epic is obeybassodin

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    some of the tips work for me. im learning.

  28. My epic account; wasif2004

  29. WOW!! 1.2k views in under a hour is amazing – I’ll get there too one day 🙏🙏 nice vid, nice work

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