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Hope you guys enjoyed the video!
This video will show the differences between CS:GO , CS 1,6 , Fortnite.

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  1. CS 1.6 y su jugabilidad tan perfecta es incomparable saben ? es todo un arte ser PRO allí, ni con un juego de 4k podrá igualar lo legendario del Counter Strike

  2. cs1.6,css,csgo <3

  3. Crocs fortnite stupid
    Crocs csgo good
    Crocs cs1.6 awesome cool better good 🙂 best then any game

  4. Fortnite: 🙁
    CSGO: :I
    CS 1.6: 😀

  5. Fortnite its not dying cs is dying

  6. CSGO y CS 1.6 winners

  7. Winner Winner chicken dinner!!!

  8. sees cs 1.6 is this even a contest?C.s 1.6 curbstomps both of them.

  9. 1.6 is the best

  10. cs:go is better then fornite 😛

  11. Fortnite Wins

  12. Hasta el cs 1.6 le gana a esa mierda de fornite

  13. 1:25 Fake Angle Confirmed.

  14. Give me da fking vbucks or i will kill ur door0

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