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FX 8350 vs i5 4460 Test in Fallout 4, GTA 5, Witcher 3
FX 6300 vs FX 8350 Test in 5 Games (R9 380)
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
i5 4460
FX 8350
ASUS R9 380 2Gb
8GB 1600Mhz

Ultra Settings 900p
Fallout 4
Witcher 3

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  1. Aight, Buying fx 8350, for sure not going out and buying a whole new mobo..

  2. I'd go with the FX-8350 since it's quite cheaper and isn't too off with FPS, it's also Octa-core unlike the i5 which is Quad-core

  3. fuck you man show that dual core(intel)e5300 beat fx 8350.mamego.

  4. just get a fx 6300, slap a cooler master 212 evo, and oc it to 4.6 ghz. BOOM! Cheap gaming rig completed.

  5. dude are you playing on ultra mode

  6. hey testing games which gpu i buy zotac Geforce gtx 1050ti oc edition or r9 380

  7. fx 8350 daha ii duruyor

  8. combine gpu bottleneck with low fps and then compare and vs intel omfg,

  9. разница в пару fps

  10. i like this video comparison very fair, ive been watching alot of other videos and the numbers of fps is way to different. I would like to see a 1080p comparision then a 900p.

  11. It is hard to tell which is better.. i mean, they both have fps drops but in different moments.. sometimes it seems that the intel is better but if you see during the gunfight in Fallout 4 at 0:43 there is a 17 fps difference, which is a really really big difference. I would just stick with AMD 'cause intel is a bit overprized for its performance

  12. i am between fx8350 , i5 -4460 and i5-4590 what cpu do you suggest ? i want play games also render , photoshop etc

  13. is the fx 8350 overclock?

  14. Was every game 1080P on Max settings?

  15. i have r9 380 and i5 4460. What is your settings in GTA 5 ? I'm playing very high but sometimes i have fps drops.

  16. yeah intel is better but i stay with amd i just like amd

  17. How would an overclocked fx8350 do against the 4460 or even a 6400?

  18. What clock speed is the FX-8350 running at?

  19. would you say the i5 4460 is worth the extra £50?

  20. My phenom II X6 1100T with r9 380 2gb all at stock speed can easily get 40 to 50 fps on ultra preset 900p.

  21. if you overclock both CPU intel i5 will definitely win over the fx-8350.

  22. was the fx overclockex

  23. plan to buy gtx 960. So i5 4460 will handle games well , little future to 900p is enough for me

  24. what should i buy confused in referring internet
    fx 8320,fx8350 or corei54460 or new i5 6400(less clockspeed than 4460) , need it for future gaming too

  25. shouldve built my pc later and gotten a intel skylake motherboard plus an i5. upgradablility and better performance… but again, once amd zen comes out, i may say the same thing, except this time with the added value per dollar…. oh well. Im going to college this fall, i wont be bringing my gaming desktop with me and doing any gaming in general for the next 4 years so i might as well as wait until im out of college to build a new gaming rig. My current amd fx rig can collect dust in my parents house in the mean time.

  26. are all the cores used on the fx 8350?

  27. r9 380 or gtx 950???

  28. я тоже между двумя этими процами думаю но купил интел

  29. W0T DO I GETT
    FX has 8 cores and better specs
    BUT intel has better fps
    what if one day games want 8 cores

  30. You should compare an overclocked fx-6300 vs 4460

  31. В тесте фалаута сначала i5 нагибал, а потом когда стрельба началась пошло наоборот. Как это?

  32. Чувак сними игру rust c i5 4460 и r9 380 плиз

  33. Спасиб тебе, очень ждал..Т.к не могу выбрать между и5 и фх8350. Что посоветуешь?

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