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The best gaming fails, funny moments & wtf moments from PUBG, GTA 5, Black Ops 4 & more!
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  1. 2:42 how to do we trigger that cutscene??

  2. All my favorite Games in one best of.!THANK YOU!!!!!!!??????

  3. 4:15 thanks for the feature bois

  4. Yes it’s not just fortnite thank you 🙂

  5. 2:19 when you wake up you feel like your not alone but your wanted

  6. 3:50 same thing happened to me

  7. Thanks for adding my clip! 0:52

  8. That first one was more of a win than a fail.

  9. The editing itself is hilarious!

  10. Cool vid, really like this compilation. You inspired me to start my own channel, check it out!

  11. 9:17 excellent effort and song?

  12. What the fuck? where's my video?

  13. 4:32 русские вперед

  14. I know the owner of the channel red arcade is the group of a children and I know the name of the one children he is my good friend and my class mate also his name is mir shazain and he lives in Pakistan

  15. Лучшие переходы между моментами

  16. I was watching the vid on my phone and when 4:56 rolled in a dropped it on my face (yes it did hurt) , but as I watch the rest of it as I pick it up.. I laughed really hard..


  18. 1:00 with shit like that, I'm sure no ones wants to get surprised like that, Sean

  19. Thank u for posting my video

  20. No mames no se ingles

  21. Yeah thanks I am at 8:50?

  22. Much better content than bcc

  23. Aren't the games of today just grand? Remember when things like this happened to games that only came out as hard copies? No? Neither do I, because they never had to patch them after release!

  24. 7:00 paranormal activity 6

  25. Yoo, just a small YouTuber trying to get Some subs ? would appreciate it if you could check out my latest montage ✌?
    Please sub if you liked it ?

  26. 0:52 HEAD dead Redemption

    sorry :,(

  27. 7:05 thats some harry potter stuff right there

  28. 2:13 what mission is that on RDR2

  29. Top 1 red arcade

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