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  1. Can bawsaq work on gta online?

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  3. what the fuck this says (online) for a fucking reason no one gives a samn about campaigne

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  5. what would happen if u left it for 6 hours

  6. Came here just to hear an American say Baw Sack

  7. save editor . your welcone

  8. Lester mission is not side mission how can you skip it?

  9. If you don't go to the BAWSAQ Stock Market, will he spawn again, or is it just that one time? Because I didn't go to the BAWSAQ Market. Please help ME!!!

  10. I cant do it with michael

  11. If you wait to the end of the game and do the assassination missions. And then invest in tinkle you can make close to 45 million.

  12. Yeah that's great and all but every time i try to access Bawsaq it says "Down for maintenance please try again later"

  13. Yea But That Money Doesn't seem Legit specially in the beginning of ghe game im talking Bout the money before you invested

  14. Can you leave this side quest till the end of the game after you have done the last heist so you can get even more money?

  15. it wont let me get on to Bawsaq?

  16. So tell me if i am right.

    1) First you need at least like 100k
    2) Then you need to go to a stock market on that website and buy some of the stuff and see if you get money back

  17. Who do you bet against maywether on the shipyard heist mission?

  18. mine said its undermaintnence what do i do

  19. How does it help with GTA Online?

  20. The guy is not there ?

  21. I got plenty of money on story mode, but I need help getting more money online mode. I'm on rank 15 online, and I don't know the best/fastest way to get money. I heard the stock market is the ticket, but I don't understand it at all. I don't want to try it and do something stupid unless I know what I'm doing, which I clearly I don't.

  22. heh can you do that in real life? 😛

  23. I put 2 billion in tinkle and came out with 6 million 🙁

  24. He wasn't there help..?

  25. ЛОЛ. Я русский. кому интересно , что я написал , тому переводчик в помощь:D


  27. Dude there is no stock market on gta online rename the video.

  28. the market is down for maintenance pls try again later

  29. it has been patched 🙁 

  30. Can you do this over and over again?

  31. LOL Kodi Brown: "ok so today i will teach you how to use BALL SACK" me: "well i can use my ballsack VERY well!!" 😀

  32. TNK was worth over 300!?!?!?
    Damn, I gave up on it when I could've bought shares for 17 each…

  33. i could only invest 9 times wth?

  34. I need money. R4ge_ing_rojo on ps3 . Thanks

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