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“Ayye guys whats going on” Here in this video Ill be showing yall how to get the IAA/Cop badge on any pair of joggers using the director mode outfit glitch!

Use the DM glitch to get yourselves many rare and modded outfits!


~Twitter Link~

~Bird/Peyote Plant Locations~
(Video By: Somewhat Awsome Games)

~Solo DM Joggers Method~

~Solo Normal DM Glitch~


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  1. Please check description for working Christmas masks and blacklisted items. You will need to be wearing one of these Christmas masks and not wearing a blacklisted item to transfer outfits online 👍😎❤ Also sry guys for the audio being a little choppy in some areas 🤦‍♂️ I need a new mic 😆

  2. I got a blue screen do I have to do everything over

  3. I got stuck in the clouds over my storymode house

  4. Do we need a christmas mask or the exact krampus mask u had

  5. Theres no time trial for me

  6. Is it normal that wen I was duplicating my bird my character went into the clouds

  7. Do we have to have a Christmas mask on the outfit we want

  8. My birds is not duplicated help

  9. Im soo mad everything was going good until i joined online and i had the same outfit i had before

  10. I’ve tried 3 different variations of this and none ever work for me

  11. Guys just to help out it’s still working

    But if you outfit had a purple or orange or blue parachute it will not work it is black listed 😁👌🏻

  12. lol this actually worked

  13. Why does it keep switching back to the civilians? It stays with the glitched outfits for a while and then eventually goes back to the civilians. I did the trick you said and it wouldn’t work, any suggestions?

  14. I did it twice, when i loaded into story mode i got application fail, with a full checkerboard outfit

  15. My birds are still duplicating and won’t stop I’ve been doing this for a hour

  16. Do you lose your outfits?

  17. Dope vid mate keep it up, btw how can u freeze xmas mask ??

  18. Would this glitch work with the Abominable Snowman mask from the 2015 Festive Surprise update?

  19. thanks bro i can do the glitch. but can you make the tutorial how to get the green duffel bag? i know youtubers has the tutorial but i can't actually understand what are they explain. only your explanation i can understood. if you make the video, that would be great 😁

  20. Wait so I put on the female character first

  21. When I do the joggers method and go to the bird he moves but it’s not the joggers guy it’s my online character pls help

  22. @High Gaming HD I need help

  23. Did everything and didn’t get the outfit wow what a waste

  24. I can’t get my bird to dupe any tips?

  25. Can you do it for the female character or no because I want to do it for the female can you help me ?🐐

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