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  1. How’d he get the chrome blue

  2. Police buffalo (fib) on 11:30 in game by sandy shores police station (wednesday)

  3. Where can I find the car on 9:23

  4. LaazrGaming any updates to Free Rare Cars??

  5. I spawned the green one instead of yellow one hehe..

  6. I got the voodoo first try around 19 or 18

  7. "FREE REAR CARS" if you have to buy the car first, its not free. fuckin tard

  8. I can help you spawn the dubsta 2 and the hearse on xbox, GT : ChopDePorc

  9. We know your spending too much time on one dam thing

  10. flames shooting out of your engine, no backfire coming from the hedders

  11. you can also find the rat rod by the hospital in the desert by the sea and down the block from the ammunation store

  12. Yo it's was here since day 1 I started watching at 10k subs u have grown to 400k whilst I was gonna coz I went to fortnite now I'm back at gta

  13. Thank you for the vapid hustler

  14. when I look up the hotknife on legendary motor sports it says out of stock..

  15. 4:42 can you get that garage in single player?

  16. I’ve tried to get the rat rod for days now and no luck. Idk.

  17. I can’t find the first car. I’ve tried so many times

  18. Anyone got the Romeo hearse if u do hit me up on ps4:cameron_012607

  19. i have the hearse, message me on xbox if you would like me to help you spawn it, gt is Technawlogy

  20. Does this still work? I play ps4

  21. I need a hearse xbox 360 please help

  22. 1. Like
    2. Subscribe
    3. Comment
    4.I'll do the same
    5. We both grow our channels <3

  23. I can help anyone with the hearse on Xbox. I would like 5he dubsta 2 as it's the only car I need. GT: DANGERMAB8000

  24. Any body have a modded stratum? One with twin turbo and front lip

  25. anybody have the hearse on pc? add me LBP_Madness

  26. Please help playstation:PrincessPichu_ms

  27. Hay lazer,
    I have tried couple of times yesterday and waited long as well but the vehicle never spawned. Is there any clear tips?

  28. Does anyone know if the hotknife glitch works on ps4?

  29. That blue paint job link,?

  30. Can anyone help me get the hearse?

  31. One found 1 rare car but that’s it

  32. I really hope they bring back the lost slamvan. It’s my favorite car of all time. I was so disappointed when they took mine away and black listed it

  33. are you playing on ps4

  34. why i cant find this unicorn mask to buy???

  35. Somebody know's how i can get his face paint plese ?(Name)

  36. Can anyone help me get the Romero hearse I’m on xbox

  37. Can anyone share Xbox live gold with me

  38. Is there anyone here that I could help with some heists, you'll have to have the other 2 people and I'm only rank 71 but I'm good and could get it done. I need some money.

  39. Anyone have the hearse? I'm on PC, my username is Debil303

  40. What’s the point? Just like what’s the point of doing anything in GTAV? 30 secs out of the garage you get blown up and griefed to fuck.

  41. What do you do after you get spawned into the slamvan??

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