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UPDATE: At 0:19 the mic cuts out the word “outwards”.

In this video I bring you a tutorial on how to camber the wheels on your vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 5. The camber is a negative camber, meaning the top of the tire slants inward towards the car. This is a pretty easy and simple trick that anyone can do, and is perfect for car meets. If you end up doing this trick to any other vehicle besides the Rat Truck, please comment your results. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to…

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  1. Can you give me a list of the cars you can and can’t camber please?

  2. working with rapid gt im test it

  3. Now ill be drifting everywhere while doing the speed glitch

  4. It works thank you so much???

  5. why have armor at lowest?

  6. how did you get verified???

  7. This not work of bulletproof tires?

  8. it works on a truck and bus like if you tried this

  9. is it permanent

  10. rice rice baby

  11. This is why Rockstar should just hurry up and add camber to GTA

  12. Recently created an open car crew so feel free to join, search Slam Nation GTA!

  13. I ended up blowing up my Adder doing this

  14. does it wrk on ps3

  15. I used to slam cars in gta4 doing this haha

  16. does this work for a sports car

  17. you sound like an airplane announcer man lol that's a pretty good thing

  18. does it work with rat loader?

  19. Slamvan works the best in my opinion.

  20. Who won the giveaway

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