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GTA 5 Online – Oppressor MK2 Vs Oppressor ($3,890,250 Vs $3,524,500)
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A battle of the weaponized Oppressor motorcycles! Which one is better: Oppressor MK2 or the original Oppressor? Let’s find out!

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  1. GTA 5 Online – Oppressor MK2 Vs Oppressor ($3,890,250 Vs $3,524,500)

  2. THX God i Finally have Oppresor MK2,This HoverBike is Brutally Amazing!!!,PS4 is The Best!

  3. I like the original oppressor because since in fast in the air it can’t be shot down as easily as the mkII

  4. Anyone who uses these to strictly kill people congratulations. You suck at the game.Going from point A to point B? Fine. Need to take out an annoying guy in a jet/helicopter? Fine. Constantly attacking people on the ground? Wow that must take SO much skill….

  5. The og opressor is way better and more fun

  6. if you want the trade price you need to buy the drone crap for 800k so its almost the same amount of money you are paying

  7. The oppressor is the fastest, you can do the speed trick and still use the boost many times in mid air

  8. I literally can’t cruise without being on passive. Why rockstar why??‍♂️

  9. You can store the first oppressor in any garage lol

  10. I prefer original oppressor to the MkII
    Its just better

  11. I honestly just dont understand the direction rockstar is taking with gta online, these hover bikes, flying cars and weird outlandish vehicles dont really belong in the world of gta, the vehicles look more so like they'd belong In a crackdown or saints row game. Cant even do a simple mission or drive around in a car I like before some guy in the oppressor mk2 flies out of nowhere and guns me down. These vehicles and all the super military vehicles I believe shouldnt have been added, I remember when that rhino tank was alright and was the only military superpower vehicle besides that laser jet. Now the rhino is a glass car compared to any other armored vehicle. I guess I just dont really understand the direction online is going. Oh well

  12. There is a speed glitch for the mark 2

  13. Anyone remember when the most expensive item in the game was the Adder

  14. Does anyone think I should sell my og oppressor and get the mk2 or nah

  15. I do the mk2 speed glitch to grind. I didn't want to but every time I try get supplies they blow me up .

  16. The oppressor mk2 looks like it came from jak 2

  17. I like the first one more.


  19. Hmm mm, all ur vids are approximately 10:00, need money that bad

  20. A bunch of troller used the oppressor mk2 as a ramming thing by following me slowly then boosting into me it was hella funny

  21. With the Apreser mrk 2 you can’t jump on mountains and go flying in the air

  22. you just have to spam press w so you slow down but dont stop and still get boost

  23. I just fly around and shoot rockets with it.

  24. Oppressor mark 2 can shoot explosive rounds with the mgs

  25. The explosive mg isn’t that great. It has a terrible fire rate

  26. A new counter land vehicle is needed to blast it from the sky. Along with its griefer.

  27. It's kind
    Of like stickshift vs automatic
    Og oppressor being stick although it's hard to fly it's very fun mk2 being auto it can get you point a to b but it's not as fun

  28. loving your modder slaves

  29. why do you keep stopping when you are drag racing.. how annoying

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