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This Is Zombie Mod! Where you can play GTA 5 as a Survivor in the Zombie Mod! In this gameplay of being a Zombie Survivor, you can do various Zombie city game activities!

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Zombie Creator:

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  2. I love your series I'm a big fan

  3. Why you say too many time brilliant zombie attack you brilliant


  5. What is the music in the intro

  6. you can also drive them over

  7. go to the military base

  8. You're a bit noobie at this! xP

  9. why the fuck u went in the shop. they could have stormed the place.

  10. i love that the Gta 5 can do mods :3

  11. haven't seen this channel since 2015 and you guy/s uploaded mine craft mods in greenfield.
    Why did Koto leave?
    Rage Mode Activated

  12. Why zombie wanna fight not to eat

  13. Stop saying bloody hell it's pretty bad 4 minutes in and I'm annoyed

  14. the zombie wanna fight. lol

  15. 1 leik = 1 prayer

  16. The man shooting might have been Trevor but you didn't check! You should have checked his house when you went by it though

  17. Uh, do you think you're frankie? your opening + the way you've been speaking really seems ripped from his arma series, Kind of wierding me out.

  18. Intro song "Touch – Mattia Cupelli"

  19. HOW ARE YOU GETTING THE QUESTS? How is that your character model? Wtf your mod plays completely different to mine. The general gives no quests, I don't have that visible backpack and inventory on your back, wtf?

  20. epic idea but realisation not on the top :s

  21. love this keep on going with the nice work!

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