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On this episode of Real Life Role Play: GTA V’s Encounters with Jacob Dreed, Jacob just wants to hang out with his Homeboy Mike. As soon as Mike shows up he spots some suspicious fellas in a neighbor’s yard. Watch to see what happens

Jacob Dreed is a Deadlocked Jamaican Drug Dealer who is fresh from prison trying re-build his empire.

Role Players in this Episode are:

XEKUTER as Jacob Dreed
Midnight as Mike Smith
Boee as Kasey Bolt
Guaio as Ethan Hunt
Steve as Deputy Commissioner…

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  1. People always assumed me as mexican dudee lmao,you're a good translator tho

  2. Great stuff! Saw you released this video on twitter! Big Crazy Like for you 🙂

  3. Civ: Why I gotta be here?

    Cop: Because

    😂 rip

  4. Good video pro this was in mirror park

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