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We take a look at how different the first mission of Grand Theft Auto V looks in first person mode.

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  1. guys how to cover in gta v

  2. For some reason rooms in this game look big to me on first person

  3. IS this the original GTA 5?? Graphics looks so shitty

  4. i wish the game had realistic lack of shooting accuracy and realistic long and slow reload speed

  5. My fvourite charchter is michael

  6. Comment changer de personnalité

  7. 1:49 They are not cooperating like that. No matter how hard I try, they run away. WTF????

  8. Question when you switch the first person when you change the control features to standard one first person is it the same as if you're playing in normal game mode just curious does anyone know the answer

  9. I love your videos please please shout me out please please love your videos so so much

  10. How to get out of mission

  11. Why are you playing so slow

  12. bro how many video memory are you using

  13. In first mission has very good weather ☃️

  14. reminds me a cutscen tralier from red dead two tralier ladies and gentle man this a robbery

  15. how to change person please

  16. When it says hold L Shift to change characters i hold l shift and then what do i do? (im on pc_

  17. why may gta 5 are not playing

  18. In the first how to switch the play er

  19. This didn't tell me anything about how to cover

  20. how to blow the door what contro to use .I killed the guard Am not getting control button asap help needed

  21. I just bought the game. When i went to the car and pres triangle jt loads so freaking long and now i cant play

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  29. First person is only on Xbox One,PC and PS4

  30. How do you switch from person to person?

  31. What buttons do you press

  32. The one that shot brad and Michael is Dave

  33. The one that shot brad and Michael is Dave

  34. I’m rlly late but I juts got this and every time I have to cover I press rt and all it does is shoot the gun. Can someone help?

  35. I don't know how to play

  36. finally got past this part thanks to this i am not good at video games havent played since i was way younger like n64 genesis and nes basically i had a ps2 but didnt play it hell i got 360 and never play it just now got gta5 i like buying when cheap hell with buying when it comes out i save tons

  37. Easter egg found by me When they crash because of the train michael gets a cut on his face something like what john marston has in red dead Redemption.

  38. what do you click to get coverd

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