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Hey everyone! Today, we’re going over all the new features and game modes that will be added in the upcoming casino DLC in GTA Online. Like & Subscribe for more GTA 5 Videos!


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  1. So much bad/false information in this video. GTA updates come out on Thursdays, not Tuesdays. No way it comes out this week or next week either. Nothing has been “officially” confirmed yet. C’mon bro!

  2. Updates don’t even come out on Tuesdays anymore they come out on Thursday

  3. This is the most important time for parents to take away their kid's consoles

  4. Wonder if there's guna be new cars

  5. Hopefully you can buy horses and ride them.

  6. Great videos. Is it coming out before july

  7. Next week, Reallyyyy??

  8. And we will be in casino for July 4th

  9. It’s gambling with in game currency tho sure you can buy in game currency with real money but you aren’t gambling real money….plus why would rockstar release an update that the majority of people won’t get

  10. The release day is going to be a Thursday. It used to be Tuesdays but they have been changed as RDR2’s updates are Tuesdays and GTA’s is Thursdays.

  11. Will you be able to BUY the casino

  12. they need to make the playboy mansion buyable

  13. im unsubscribing, nothing new, every video gets repeated a hundred times and most of the time its just speculation and guesses

  14. Thanks for the content at the front still could have walked around what your talking about but much better

  15. This game updates on Thursdays ya jackass! Do you even play and not have someone else playing on your account?! Do your titles always have to include so much bs?! Nothing has been said/shown about horse racing only that it's about the casino opening as a business and introducing gambling (as if there hasn't been gambling since gunrunning)

  16. Quanto cazzo parli

  17. Finally the casino is opening

  18. Video starts at 6:00

  19. This dude really needs to stop thinking its next week, there's still 2 more dynamic changes…

  20. Will there be idiots going in with guns killing other players doing their gambling, other wise not worth it for that one reason… 😑

  21. You've made 5 videos of talk about this Casino….. Stop with it until it comes out!

  22. It’s not coming out this upcoming Tuesday cuz they haven’t even released a trailer yet

  23. Updates are on Thursdays not Tuesdays

  24. Dlc will release on the 27th June.

  25. Those oare not new news it wil release 27th or after that

  26. Bruuuh.. You know that it’s not on Tuesday they update right? Also there are leaked pictures with two more steps, witch means that we get the update the 27th or the 4th on juli!

  27. I'm start back playing this

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