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Here are some tips and tricks to help your editing! Enjoy! (Fortnite Mobile)

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  1. Hey everyone! Here are some important tips to help you get a lot better at editing on Fortnite MOBILE!

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  2. I’m good at fortnite but I don’t use claw

  3. How can I stop spinning while editing

  4. Finally left claw with an iPhone

  5. I don’t even have the option to edit

  6. Your ass and your voice is hella annoying

  7. you are the best dude
    you did my life easier love u
    i was searching for u thx god

  8. This is youre IQ

  9. This is the first video I saw of yours, and that was like a month ago, you've gained over a 100k subs in that time!!!

  10. Anyone wanna 1v1?


    it’s annoying

  12. Ay can you show a hud layout for the iPhone. I know you play on iPad now.

  13. What is your button arrangement?
    Also thanks!

  14. U need to smile more my dude

  15. 4:00 “Number #3 tip is practicing man"

    4:04 now we have done practicing

  16. Nice video buddy very useful

  17. I make a 1 by 1 and throw a grenade then try to edit out without taking damage by reset the edit to

  18. It’s lot faster to edit with the edit button on sifferent hand than the hand that you’re choosing your editing things.

  19. I love how you actually give tips for people on a phone and not a iPad

  20. This is so helpful I didn't know you can edit without holding the edit thingy

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