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All highlights from my gameplay 🙂

collab with me-

PLAY with ME- ign (524195960)

OUTRO SONG- Ivan B- Sweaters


Earphones- Samsung AKG/ iPhone earphones

Editors- Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro

GRAPHICS- smooth, extreme, colorful

PLAY STYLE-highly…

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  1. Some things always in ocean bahi's video
    Awesome gameplay
    Great explanation
    CK knock or dead ???

  2. U r the best You deserve more sunscribers

  3. Bhai clan k liyea minimum requirement kya hai..
    Bhai plz reply krdo big fan Yr ..

    Ocean army can I get some subs Yr I am frustrated due to subs loss cause of long gap off due to exams…bhailog aab me live hunga wo vi frequently so if u want me to perform plz sub me aur help karo Yr guys humjese small creators koo…and Bhai can I get a shout-out in your next video..plz …its my wishhh Jo muje Lagta hai ki Pura Nahi Hoga but try toh banta hai na boss.


  4. You use headphone or earphone

  5. What was the name of your outro music?

  6. Congratulations bro 100k ❤️

  7. Aj..mera bhai..100k poch gaya..aj mera..bhai 100k poch gaya…party..Bro……. Big fan..sub frm 40k to100k…thanks God.

  8. Congo you get 100k subs

  9. Congratulations for 100k !! Big fan

  10. Congo bro for 100k subs

  11. Finally We hit a family of 100k
    Congo bro??

  12. Hundred k Ho Gaye (apne bhai jaisa koyi hard ich nahi hai)??

  13. congratulations for 100k bro

  14. Bhai 6 more sub for 100k

  15. only 5 sub to 100k

  16. Bro!! plz suggest a good headphone for iPad or mobiles…….BTW tricks were awosomo…….

  17. O I won one whole match with Uzi don't underestimate that gun

  18. Bro…one more vid…and u gonna..make the..100k

  19. How to Do High IQ clutches?
    Buy an Iphone XR ?

  20. Bahot se log lag se pata laga lete hai ki enemy aas pass hai ya nahi par mere jeso ka Kya jinke pass mahenga phone hai Jo Zara bhi lag nahi karta to pata kese lagaye ki Banda hai ya nahi?

  21. your the first pro thumb player no gyro no claw no triggers GG

  22. Bhai 20 subscribers for 100k????

  23. Are bhaii tune jo o app bataya tha o use karne ke bad meri avaj team ko nahi jati our unki muze nahi aati… our jaise hi o app band kar deta hu toh vapis se sab thik ho jata hai… my device OnePlus 5t

  24. Bhai 1 more scenario . Mai georgo mei gya apni random squad ke saath , aur out of nowhere , ek uaz , poori bhari hui aa gyi hum pe . Meri squad poori knock kar di ,excluding me . Ab thi meri baari unko maarne ki . M416 mere haath mei , driver ne car peeche ki , aur saari squad leta di ek hi spray mei . Saari squad bacha li .

  25. Bhai 100k hote hi hame facecam video chahiye
    Who else agrees
    Currently 99.8k

  26. If you wanna clutch a game then you need either Akm or M762. Yesterday I landed in Novo with random squad. 1 guy ran away and other hide in house. So two of us take a fight. My teammate got knocked out and it was me vs 3 guys ( I killed their one guy just before that). I had an M762 and knocked someone who had UMP, knocked another one who had scar L and finally wiped out the squad by killing the third guy who had M416.
    The bottom line is using any gun will not allow you to clutch. The moment you are trying to clutch, you can only do that if you have a better gun who's firing rate is better and gives more damages than your opponents. I had only 20% health left but you know M762. So yeah, don't believe any bullshit. If you have Akm or M762 or Groza you can clutch otherwise hell no.

  27. 309 SUB to go for 100k

  28. Bro plzzzz QnA on 100k subscribers

  29. just 250 more subs!

  30. Bas 200 subs aur
    Fir under rated channel thoda popular hoga

  31. Bro itna bakchodia kaha se laat ho??

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