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How to EMOTE while MOVING by using this easy Fortnite glitch! Emote glitch! (Fortnite Bugs)

This is the only working way to EMOTE while WALKING or GLIDING in v6.30 in Season 6, Fortnite: Battle Royale!


Founder: Bobi Deer

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Intro song: Jocelyn Flores (DownTime Remix)

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  1. I'm not copying Troll Ninja Xee.
    I messaged him about the glitch earlier today and asked him if we could upload it at the same time. That was so neither of us gets hate.
    I was away for 2 hours and he decided to post it before me.

  2. Characters have been disabled due to a bug

  3. finally best mates works

  4. Yeah this is cool and all but do you have one for console

  5. The feature we need

  6. That Glitch Works in the ice


  8. Why did I refund the T-Pose?

  9. Can other people see it?

  10. I found a glitch with new airplanes in fornite frist go to the wings and try go frist person keep on doing it in creative to go to top of map then u get stuck and u can Walk and do other stuff noice glitch

  11. I just wanna point out that it literally works with almost any weapon
    1. Aim
    3.And press the key that you have selected for "Repeat Last Emote"

  12. Eagle emote while flying on glider

  13. Ajde brate izbacuj novi video novi glitch 🙂 znam da si iz hrvatske big respect iz srbije !!

  14. There is a way to get on top of the creative hub island (while walking)

    You get an airplane spawner and some materials to the hub and get into an airplane

    You fly the airplane upwards really close (almost touching) to the border and after a while you get out.

    You should be stuck in the air, after that you respawn and you'll be on top of the whole island walking

    (Like so he sees this and shows it on his channel)

  15. Hey me and my friend found glitch to get out of creative hub and we can fly to normal island
    so its like playground but over 3hours and unlimited players 😀
    to do it u need to spam respawn like 40times and then just fly to island

  16. what if you use a emote that ends?Like the default dance. will it end or repeat?

  17. I hope you get banned

  18. Hi orange guy. I found a glitch on how to get back to the main island on Creative. DM me on Instagram or add me on epic games. IG:Shaun_H73 Epic: ShaunH74

  19. Is there a glitch to go back under the map in greasy

  20. existing has been temporarily disabled

  21. A S S E R T I N G D O M I N A N CE

  22. This doesn't work for other people just 4 ur self

  23. Orange , if you see this.. i found glitch how you can break everything when walking

  24. i don't think x's music is for a Fortnite intro :/

    like if you agree

  25. Fortnite.exe has stoped working

  26. You can do this with any gun btw

  27. Use a chiller boi

  28. Fortnite Has Temporarily Been Removed Due To A Bug

    StOp GliTcHinG

  29. i did it on mobile but the second time i did it it no work

  30. or you could just use chillers and do it

  31. you can use any gun you want

  32. Yo who made that intro, would love to pay/buy for 1!

  33. U can also use the freeze trap

  34. Due to a bug emotes have been temporarily disabled

  35. How are you not banned yet

  36. Step 1. Use chiller step 2. Emote

  37. Now this is a man that don't clickbate

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